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Grower-Designed LED Lighting Company, CULTIVATE Lighting, Launches at CannaGrow Expo

Grower-Designed LED Lighting Company, CULTIVATE Lighting, Launches at CannaGrow Expo

Early field testing demonstrate extraordinary yield and potency results

SAN DIEGO, CA. / MJBizwire / May 4, 2016 /  — The first LED indoor lighting designed by growers is being released at the CannaGrow Expo in San Diego, May 7th-8th. CULTIVATE Lighting, a division of National Bright Lighting will release its flagship commercial-grade lighting product line during the CannaGrow business expo, an event focused on serving the legal cannabis grow industry. Initial tests show outstanding impacts on yields, potency, and growth.

“For years, it’s been said that LED grow lighting isn’t ‘there yet’ for cannabis cultivation. Well, we are happy to announce that truly amazing light technology is finally here. Our initial field results are blowing us away.” says CULTIVATE Engineering Services Manager, Ron Fuller.

With the growing legal cannabis industry, many have been concerned about the environmental impacts of indoor growing. Up until recently, leading growers have been reluctant to replace their expensive high intensity discharge (HID) lights, with short shelf lives and tubes full of dangerous chemicals, for the sometimes less than stellar LED performance. CULTIVATE has demonstrated that craft-quality industrial-grade LED lighting for cannabis cultivation has finally arrived.

CULTIVATE Lighting products is the best  LED technology available to growers. Notable features include:

  • Light spectrum controls for both red & blue spectrums
  • Optional UV lighting for complete grow cycle support
  • Plant-facing fans and built-in industrial grade air filtration
  • An arched light base, offering a bigger footprint than other lights
  • 70%+ reduction in power consumption
  • Yield and potency increases of 150% demonstrated in field tests
  • Meets electrical requirements of 120V to 277V with no modification to wiring

This is all in addition to the UL compliant technology that makes it easily integrated into grow site electrical requirements and American Made quality backed by a generous five year warranty.

After four years in research and development, CULTIVATE Lighting is a new face in the cannabis LED grow light industry,  but their expertise in LED goes back years with National Bright Lighting (NBL), founded by Helen Lin  in 2001. During the extensive R&D, NBL worked with  growers, engineers and manufacturers to create a product that exceeds the demands of modern medicinal marijuana where yields, potency and equipment costs are the key variables for success. CULTIVATE Lighting will highlight their technology created specifically for large canopy indoor and greenhouse growing, demonstrating their superior solution for commercial level cultivation at CannaGrow Expo, Booth #313.

About CULTIVATE: CULTIVATE Lighting is a division of National Bright Lighting, an international LED lighting and technology company that has been creating top of the line commercial and industrial LED lighting since 2001. CULTIVATE Lighting was founded to bring the best in LED grow technology to the legal cannabis industry.

Launched in May of 2016, CULTIVATE Lighting aims to lead the way with American Made products that deliver truly extraordinary results for serious cultivators.


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