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Green Leaf Lab Continues To Lead Cannabis Science

Green Leaf Lab Continues To Lead Cannabis Science

Portland, Oregon May 23, 2022Green Leaf Lab has the most expansive terpene profile with 58 in total! For everyone in the cannabis production chain, Green Leaf Lab’s expansive terpene profile translates to an improvement in categorizing products correctly and marketing them appropriately to customers. On the customer-facing side, verification of specific terpene concentrations allows better identification of the products they are looking for.

In nature, plants produce a special compound called terpenes which have certain aromas, colors, and flavors. Some plants thrive by producing terpenes to attract pollinators while other plants produce terpenes to repel predators. There are thousands of terpenes found in the plant kingdom, and more than one hundred compounds found in cannabis alone. Research continues to highlight the benefits of terpenes in cannabis products.

By adding an additional 16 terpenes to Green Leaf Labs testing profile, the objective is to continue being leaders in cannabis analytics. Through science, people will have a better understanding of cannabis and the benefits it possesses. CEO and founder Rowshan Reordan said “we are at the forefront of cannabis science and continue because it takes us one step closer to legitimizing this industry, decriminalizing this plant, and shining light on how complex this feminized flower is.”

The recent addition of 16 terpenes includes the following making the grand total 58:

Alpha ThujoneMenthone
Octyl acetate

Green Leaf Lab’s team of scientists and industry professionals are developing breakthrough techniques that were never considered in the industry, setting the standard for accurate testing and validation of safe cannabis products.

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