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Green Goddess Supply Introduces Signature Series Home Grow System

Green Goddess Supply Introduces Signature Series Home Grow System

–– Firm Targets the Living Room as $4Billion Home Grow Market Explodes ––

HOPEDALE, MA, AUGUST 31, 2020 – Green Goddess Supply announced today the introduction of the MODERNE Black, the first update since introducing the Armoire furniture-inspired home grow system last summer. MODERNE Black—a new Signature Series finish—offers a classic low-sheen black woodgrain veneer, with ultra-modern brushed stainless-steel door handles and matching legs. Due to high demand, the company has announced an Allocation Policy based on finish options. Cherry, Barn Board, and now MODERNE Black are almost exclusively “built to anticipated demand” based on previous order shipments and quarterly projections. Retailers and Direct Purchase consumers should place their orders now to ensure September and holiday season shipments.

The Armoire Autoflower-Optimized home grow system became an instant classic with novice growers and critics alike for producing outsized results quickly and easily, while matching any décor, masquerading as living room and/or theme room furniture. The ability to quickly and easily produce an average of 1/4 pound of top shelf organic flower (or more) in as little as sixty days, combined with its good looks and the fire resistant, no smell, mold and waterproof construction has made The Armoire a “must have” for in-home gardening. The system is unique in that it is 50 State compliant — child proof lock and remote view camera are standard components. This is 21st Century home grow — a technology assisted, nurturing system that also doubles as a “whole plant” drying chamber. The chamber is shipped fully assembled and set up is a breeze.

Along with this new introduction, the Extended Component Warranty and Concierge Service option has also been updated. Originally, this $200 “insurance and grow training” policy covered extending individual component warranties (the LED, for example has a three-year factory warranty, while the extended option provides for five years of coverage). The eighteen months of expanded Grow Advice, Plant Training, Troubleshooting, Harvesting, Drying and Curing is now “Lifetime” for the original owner. This option is available upon purchase, or within 90 days of receipt of the system. This upgraded option will also be made available to existing owners for a limited time. In addition, current owners wishing to upgrade components may do so at the company’s cost, plus shipping. Although the new units will not arrive until after September first, the company encourages both retailers and Direct Purchase consumers to order their units now as they will be on allocation on a first come, first serve basis. The last shipment of 100 units sold out within 24 hours of availability (a combination of pre-orders and units in stock). As more veneer colors are added and features upgraded, all units go into Allocation Mode upon announcement of the approximate ship date.

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Vincent Bitetti, President and Chief Cannabis Officer, and inventor of The Armoire said “Not only are we upping the game with the number one, urban consumer-requested finish and component upgrades, we are also introducing both a THC Photoperiod grow protocol and Hemp Flower Protocol—the latter is technically legal to grow in all 50 states, while the former is currently legal in eighteen states, Canada and Mexico.” He continued, “We support grows from seed only and encourage customers buy only from trusted seed banks. Our Free 90-day personal Concierge Service assures that each customer learns (via web video applications) how to properly grow, train, harvest and store their first grow—without the need for high wattage or harsh nutrients.”

Until now, most home growers have been setting up make shift tents in their garage or basement and learning how to grow from a friend or online, with mixed results. Green Goddess Supply has solved many of the major issues and demystified the complexities of growing Top Shelf bud for the novice. A similarly equipped high quality tent system can cost well over $2,000 with electricity costs in the $100+ range monthly. The Armoire Signature models are currently priced at $1,595 MSRP with the Standard Models priced at $1,395, and electricity costs are usually less than $10- per month.

With top shelf cultivars exceeding $300 an ounce + 15% sales tax at retail, The Armoire pays for itself in short order. The three main reasons more and more people are growing at home: 1) By far, the number one reason is affordability. Most people simply can’t afford “another car payment every month” 2) Many personal growers are either health conscious and/or health challenged. They do their homework and they know what PGRs are (Plant Growth Hormone Regulators) and they know which states allow the use of pesticides and 3) Accessibility. California, which is the largest legal market in the world with a population of roughly 40 million people, allows adult use sales in only 89 cities (less than 20%) and six counties allow retail sale of medical and/or recreational sales. This is a State by State pattern, driven mostly by current Federal Law and antiquated FDA classification of cannabis as a Control Substance. In addition, even when there is access, the specific strains recommended for certain diseases and chronic ailments are just not available. In addition to growing at home, and the advent of cannabis butter machines and web-based recipes, people can easily make their own edibles—even gummies—at home.

In a recent article issued by Acreage Holdings (OTC:ACRG. F), a publicly traded company that operates cannabis dispensaries in multiple states, declared that the greater cannabis industry needed to embrace home grow. The article also states that growing at home is also a question of personal liberty. If cannabis is legal, people should have the right to grow it for their own use. No one is monitoring how many tomatoes Americans grow in their backyards. Plus, states that legalize home grow typically have generous allowances of around 6 to 12 plants”.

In the end, it may just boil down to this trending mantra: “The only thing addictive about cannabis is growing it.”

About Green Goddess Supply: Green Goddess Supply is a “cultivation to consumption” cannabis lifestyle brand offering a line of high-quality products to grow, store, prep and consume hemp flower and cannabis products. The company sells direct to consumers at MSRP through its website, and also offers wholesale and distributor accounts to brick and mortar storefronts and industry distributors. Green Goddess Supply strives to “Exceed expectations and delight customers with quality products and amazing customer service.” The Armoire is a trademark of Green Goddess Supply and Patent Pending. Green Goddess Supply is a privately held company headquartered in Hopedale, MA with a satellite office in California. For more information about Green Goddess Supply, visit the website at

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