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Goblin Lights Hydroponics now offers led grow lights in modular designs

Goblin Lights Hydroponics now offers led grow lights in modular designs is proud to announce modular designed grow lights are now here! Experience the freedom of upgrading your light’s features as new ones come out instead of replacing the whole light. Modular designed grow lights come in all different wattages and shapes just like regular lights. Prices start from $149.95 and up.

Benefits of a modular grow light:
– Snap on assembly
– Upgrade features or components.
– Replace worn out components.
– Replace single burnt out Led’s.
– Easily integrated with management systems.
– Manage the mixture of light bands.

All modular designs come in LED. Don’t waste your money on your power bill with HID’s huge energy consumption, Led lights use only a fraction of the watt’s used to create the same amount of lumens. Almost no heat is generated, the little bit that is generated can be cooled down with their built in heat sinks and fans.

At around the same price as regular grow lights, why settle for a unit that will be outdated within a year. Pick up yours today and start customizing your growing experience now. All Lights come with a minimum 2 year free replacement warranty on all components.

About Goblin Lights: We are an online hydroponic retailer specializing in Led grow lights. We carry everything from complete hydro systems to CO2 burners and more. Top brand names, latest designs, high quality led chips. All of our products are built to last and we will deliver it to your door free of charge. Visit on on the web at


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