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Global Cannabis Connoisseur goes from Wake and Bake to Wake and Create with Launch of Captain Hooter Art

Global Cannabis Connoisseur goes from Wake and Bake to Wake and Create with Launch of Captain Hooter Art

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – September 10, 2020  – There are people who love their cannabis and then there’s Captain Hooter. He is, in fact, a global cannabis legend who has smoked his way across four countries and is the only known person to have visited all of Amsterdam’s 167 coffee shops, sampling their bestsellers, reviewing them, and writing a book about it. He also happens to be what is known in the cannabis industry as a professional interpener.

These are the folks who have achieved an elite mastery level in evaluating cannabis quality regardless of strain names or hybridization. Interpeners analyze cannabis flowers for total quality control, psychotropic effects, and variety type designations, first, using a loop or a microscope to examine the flower closely. It was from this vantage point that the seeds for Captain Hooter Art were originally planted, so to speak.

Launched recently, Captain Hooter Art features what the artist refers to as Interpened Cannabis Creations. This collection of vibrant, one-of-a-kind pieces was inspired by the way cannabis buds look when viewed under a high-powered microscope where, like snowflakes, no two buds are ever alike. The business is an offshoot of his daily job of analyzing and reviewing the quality of different cannabis strains, but fast turned to a means for Captain Hooter to tell the stories of each strain via his vivid, artistic depictions of their colors, trichomes, and pistils.

“When COVID came to the Netherlands, everything just stopped. I just laid low for a while like everyone else, but I decided to use this time to continue to add to my education and try out some new ideas. Then one day… I was checking out a particularly unique, and extremely colorful bud under my scope when it really hit me that by sprinkling it with some of my creative touches I could really create some desirable images,” he said.

And the cannabis community has been quick to take note. Orders have already started coming in from dispensaries, coffeeshops, Cannabis Clubs and headshops worldwide, including several requests for commissioned pieces of in-house products with logos. General cannabis enthusiasts also took note of the unique works, leading Captain Hooter Art to expand into tees, leggings, backpacks, bags, towels, and even pillows. Customers often choose pieces based on their go-to smoke while others go on pure visual aesthetic, according to the Captain.

“It’s so cool to see how different people like different things. I’m truly excited to see what this amazing plant is going to give me to work with every day. That is the beauty of it. Just as each cultivar is so different, it goes the same with my images. Everyone is drawn to different ones for different reasons, which is so awesome. All I know is that everytime I hear someone say “WOW!” after viewing one of my images, my heart melts.”

Probably most notable of all, Hooter’s prowess and new art venture have even been lauded by the best of the best: the Trichome Institute, which is the leader in training, educating, and certifying interpeners.

“Captain Hooter is the ideal interpener. It’s rare to find people like Captain Hooter who take their cannabis passion to the extreme, in a way that shares the magic of it with others. The Captain knows his flowers, he is well educated and decorated for his cannabis achievements with high-level certifications, books he’s written, constant requests from media soliciting his subject matter expertise, an active social media presence, and now cannabis art. We at Trichome Institute salute the Captain for his never-ending exploration into the wonders of cannabis as he continues to share it all with the world,” said Max Montrose, President.

“Creating Art that people enjoy, out of the killer buds that I enjoy, is a perfecly hazy little circle of life.  I am thoroughly enjoying playing around with all kinds of different lights, colors, and unique effects. Each image I create is done from the heart, and is 100% based on the pure love I have for this amazing plant,” he added.

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