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Gevitta Launches Indegogo Campaign for Canna™ Vitamin Spray, a Breakthrough CBD Product with Proceeds Donated to Epilepsy

Gevitta Launches Indegogo Campaign for Canna™ Vitamin Spray, a Breakthrough CBD Product with Proceeds Donated to Epilepsy

Orange County, Ca May 06, 2014

Gevitta, a vitamin and supplement company, is launching a groundbreaking new CBD delivery system called Canna™ Vitamin Spray.

Gevitta’s Canna Vitamin Spray is the first of its kind, containing legal CBDs (cannabidiol), a naturally occurring cannabinoid component found in cannabis that comprises up to 40% of the industrial hemp plant. The small, easy-to-use supplement spray is launching on Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, on May 6th.

Gevitta Founder Trevor Fisher commented on the decision to debut the product via crowdfunding: “Unlike traditional product launches that are sales focused, our goal on Indiegogo is really to raise money to optimize our CBD formula, lower manufacturing costs, and advance research on how CBDs can help individuals with diseases like epilepsy.” During the short 45-day campaign, Gevitta is aiming to raise $47,750 in order to not only provide backers with CBD sprays and improve product quality, but also to facilitate the donation of 1,000 CBD sprays to an epilepsy study in hopes of discovering the true potential of CBDs as a treatment method. For every two sprays sold during the Indiegogo campaign, the company will be donating one spray to an epilepsy foundation.

The CBDs in Gevitta’s Canna Vitamin Spray are derived from CBD-rich hemp oil that is emulsified into a sprayable liquid and packaged in an optimal delivery system. Since the CBDs are derived from hemp, not the marijuana plant, Gevitta is able to legally ship the Canna Vitamin Spray worldwide, making this supplement available to individuals who were previously unable to purchase CBD products.

Although Gevitta makes no claims about Canna Vitamin Spray’s ability to treat disease, research suggests that CBDs may have positive effects in people with diseases like epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and other health conditions.

The Gevitta Canna Vitamin Spray campaign can be seen on Indiegogo at: Gevitta Campaign.

About Gevitta

Gevitta is a vitamin and supplement company that delivers high quality, pharmaceutical-grade nutrition products comprised of natural ingredients. Using documented research, Gevitta develops products that provide valuable support for important functions such as sleep and energy needs. Gevitta is also a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of hemp-derived CBD oil spray and hosts the Gevitta for Kids fund focused on raising money for children’s epilepsy research. In addition to the Canna Vitamin Spray, Gevitta is also in the process of launching five additional vitamin spray varieties — Awake (energy), Burn (weight loss), Dream (sleep enhancing), Glow (Vitamin D) and Multi (multivitamin).

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