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GanjaVacations Announces Weed Lover Holiday Discounts

GanjaVacations Announces Weed Lover Holiday Discounts

For Christmas, the New Year and even Valentine’s Day



Oak Park, IL December 8, 2021 – GanjaVacations has announced a special “Weed Lover” holiday discount of 15% for bookings through December 31, 2021. This offer is an early gift to weed lovers thinking about a Christmas vacation, New Year’s escape or even, a Valentine’s Day romantic getaway.

It’s time for a real vacation. A ganja vacation.

Be honest: It’s been almost two years since most people have had a real vacation—one where they could let their hair down, veg out and have fun without a care in the world. Isn’t it about time? And we’re not talking about just a few days at the cabin, the lake or even the beach. We’re talking about something really special. Why? Because we all deserve it. And because there are times when the usual vacation experiences cannot deliver enough relief from the tensions of tough times.



A ganja vacation is a real thing

Data show that cannabis was how many weed lovers survived covid. But now that it is safe to get away, wouldn’t be nice to spend a few days far, far away from where we’ve been holed up? Like, in Jamaica? With some of the best weed and food that money can buy? In some cases, grown on the very property where we’d be staying? Not only is a ganja vacation a real thing, but our ganja vacationers have been describing their experiences in Jamaica as “amazing,” “incredible,” and “the best vacation in my life.”

A ganja vacation for every budget

GanjaVacations features a wide range of curated vacation packages with options that include rustic cabins 3,000 feet up in the mountains, quaint guesthouses in small fishing villages and beautiful, modern beachfront boutique hotels as well as luxury villas. All of them offer ganja friendly accommodations and ganja experiences. In almost all cases, the ganja immersion begins minutes out of the airport with a visit to a dispensary for an introductory taste of Jamaica weed. (A medical card is easily obtained for people who need one.)


Book now for 15% off; cancel up to 3 days before arrival

Cannabis enthusiasts can book any of our vacation packages through December 31, 2021, using coupon code D1231 and get a 15% discount. There are no limitations or restrictions on the arrival date, except for availability at the resort. Additionally, users can cancel for a full refund at any time up to three days before their arrival date. And interested parties should not be concerned if none of our curated packages meet their exact requirements; they should just contact us. We can create a customized package for just about anyone.


GanjaVacations is a portal for curated cannabis vacations in Jamaica. Among other things, we connect cannabis enthusiasts to ganja-friendly resorts and local dispensaries as well as a wealth of events, activities, and other cannabis related experiences. Plus, exclusive vacation packages not available anywhere else—not even from the participating resorts themselves.


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