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The Ganjapreneur, Cannabis Industry News Outlet, Announces Website Overhaul

The Ganjapreneur, Cannabis Industry News Outlet, Announces Website Overhaul

Bellingham, Washington March 25, 2014

The cannabis industry has been dominating popular media headlines, influencing more and more of the American public with surmounting legalization and awareness efforts. And with this exciting new industry, new industry-specific news outlets were sure to follow.

The Ganjapreneur, one such outlet, has been regularly publishing articles featuring different aspects of the cannabis industry since last June. Recently, some website revamps and an increase in weekly articles has given the publication, which also offers a free weekly newsletter, a new look to better serve the marijuana community. Additionally, The Ganjapreneur has recently plugged into popular social media outlets, with updated Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts designed to further ease the readership’s access to the publication’s news articles and editorials.

One article in particular received special attention, in which the Ganjapreneur questions President Obama’s real stance on marijuana prohibition. The article, “What Kind of Ex-Stoner is President Obama, Anyway?” claims that a true “ex-stoner” would know better than to fear that marijuana legalization would result in the attempted legalization of deadlier recreational drugs. The writer even calls on Mr. Obama to go ahead and “Light one up,” just in case he needed a reminder of what the effects of the drug truly are.

The Ganjapreneur’s media coverage spans a variety of topics about the cannabis industry. News from Washington and Colorado, where recreational marijuana has been legalized, will surely frequent the weekly newsletter. There are also articles covering the medical marijuana community on a more national scale, along with reports on legalization efforts and political updates from around the country. A stand-alone area of the website is dedicated to humor and editorials, a subsection aptly named “Rants and Raves,” for a more opinionated flavor of writing.

For those individuals who have been following the media conversation surrounding this new industry and wish to chime in themselves, the Ganjapreneur offers a section of their website where would-be contributors can send in articles of their own to be reviewed and published as guest writers.

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