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Ganja Trade Announces Recreational Marijuana Services

Ganja Trade Announces Recreational Marijuana Services

Tacoma, WA  August 4, 2014

In the wake of Washington’s legalization of marijuana, Ganja Trade has announced it is now offering advertising and location finder services for the local recreational marijuana industry. “We are ecstatic to announce the launch of Ganja Trade, and we have some exciting plans to become Washington’s number one online resource for both recreational and medical marijuana.

Our visitors can search our database for delivery services and physical storefronts throughout the state. We also have featured dispensaries as well as a list of the most recently added locations for our visitors to view,” stated Kay Clemons, head of Media and Public Relations at Ganja Trade.

Rather than just operate a standard online directory, Ganja Trade allows dispensary owners to control and manage their listings on the website.

Kay Clemons of Ganja Trade continued, “Locations in our online dispensary finder gives the owner and their staff the option to fully manage their listing. Ultimately this benefits the end user, because we are allowing the location owners to keep their listing updated with the newest information and contact information. If we relied solely on user submitted information there is a chance that there would be some incorrect information, but we know that the dispensary owners will want to make sure that their listings are correct. This is just an example of how committed we are to providing the most accurate dispensary information to our users.”

With both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legal in the state of Washington it has created a void that Ganja Trader aims to fill.

“With new dispensary locations popping up throughout the state on a regular basis there needed to be one online resource that was both accurate and reliable, and that is what Ganja Trader was created for. We plan to grow the website at the same pace that the local marijuana industry is growing, which is very fast-paced,” added Kay Clemons.

Local dispensaries interested in becoming listed on Ganja Trade should visit the website by clicking the link below and completing the free registration process.

About Ganja Trade
Ganja Trade provides advertising and location finder services for the marijuana industry in the state of Washington. The company maintains an online community devoted to the local industry, with a dispensary locator and database along with delivery options. In addition to providing retail information, the website also features an interactive forum and breaking news. Visitors can register on the website for free and begin to immediately utilize all of the features resources.

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