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Florida Governor Commits to Bill That Legalizes Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy and Cancer Patients

Florida Governor Commits to Bill That Legalizes Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy and Cancer Patients

Miami, FL May 06, 2014

According to CBS News, Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, is expected to sign a bill that will legalize a low grade strain of marijuana named “Charlotte’s Webb”, so that cancer and epilepsy patients will have access to it for medicinal use. This modest victory will hopefully set the precedent for medical marijuana supporters in the upcoming vote for Amendment 2 in November, which would ultimately make Florida the 21st state plus the District of Columbia, to decriminalize marijuana for medical use. “We’re very excited,” Seth Hyman told CBS News this past Friday. “We’re looking forward to our daughter receiving the medicine she needs to hopefully control or even eliminate her seizures.” Seth’s eight year-old daughter, Rebecca Hyman, suffers from a predisposed genetic disorder that causes her to have perpetual life threatening seizures that the medical industry has had very little success in treating.

The bill puts heavy limitations on the use of the strain, however; as the strain cannot have more than .08% of THC in it for medical use, compared to the average 15% THC that is found in average marijuana strains, according to CBS News. If the bill passes, Florida will also maintain a registry of of eligible patients who will only have the option to use marijuana in the form ofhash oil concentrates and will not be permitted for smoking purposes. Patients and doctors could be fined and charged for misdemeanors for faking diseases that are not backed up by proper medical documentation. Also, only four dispensaries in the state will be able to distribute the drug, adding to the list of high level regulations and systematic management of the medical herb.

An A&A Packaging spokesperson said that “this measure is definitely a step in the right direction for medical marijuana patients. Allowing people to have access to a medication that has for so long been denied and not accepted as a true form of medicine for it’s users, despite it’s obvious yet misunderstood medical properties and benefits, is bittersweet, but sweet nonetheless.” A&A Packaging supports Governor Scott’s decision to sign the bill so that this alternative form of medicine can be made available to those in the public who actually need it.

A&A Packaging is the industry forerunner in bringing high quality dispensary concentrate containers, medical marijuana packaging, and a variety of products for all legal and medical marijuana dispensary businesses. They offer packaging at wholesale prices without compromising the compliance quality that state regulations such as Florida demand. To learn more about how A&A Global Imports can help your dispensary or smoke shop business, please call (888)315-2453 or visit their website at

For more information on Florida’s changing stance on medical marijuana, visit this article published by CBS on 5/2/2014:

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