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First-of-its-kind Cannabis Capital Summit Marijuana Investing Conference

First-of-its-kind Cannabis Capital Summit Marijuana Investing Conference

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Rockies Venture Club is hosting the first everCannabis Capital Summit on May 29th, bringing together industry leaders, venture capitalists, angel investors, banking and legal experts, and entrepreneurs to address potential risks, opportunities and the future of this exciting new industry.

The conference will present four panels, a keynote speaker, pitches from investable marijuana-related companies and an expo featuring the latest products and services in the market. A follow up forum for accredited investors to invest in cannabis business deals will be held the next day.

“Investing in cannabis has an entirely set of risks that we’re used to seeing”,” said Peter Adams, RVC’s executive director. “Serious investors are beginning to express intense interest in the industry. There’s a lot of confusion and questions from both investors and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help change that.”

Cannabis Capital Summit will focus on four issues:

  •     Investing in Cannabis. What should investors look for in cannabis businesses to get good returns while minimizing risks? How can cannabis companies best position themselves for investment and where can they find qualified, interested investors?
  •     Banking and cannabis business. What are the implications of banking regulations on the cannabis business? What do recent federal guidelines aimed at making it easier for state-legalized marijuana businesses to have access to financial institutions mean for cannabis retailers?
  •     Pandora’s Box (Future of Legalization). First medical marijuana, then Colorado and Washington legalize recreational use. What’s next? Will the dominos begin to fall and other states follow suit? What are the opportunities for cannabis businesses to take advantage of this sea change? And what are the pitfalls?
  •     Picks and Shovels. In the 19th Century gold rush, the people who made the most money were the ones who supplied picks and shovels to the miners. What are the non-grow/non-retail opportunities for businesses in the cannabis industry? Discussion will include experts in packaging, consumables, legal and accounting services, marketing, real estate, banking, technology and other opportunities to serve this rapidly growing market.

The Cannabis Capital Summit will be at Mile High Station, 2027 Old West Colfax Avenue. Cost is $229 for the public, $199 for Basic members of the Rockies Venture Club and $159 for full members. Register online at


Companies interesting in making pitches or participating in the expo can contact Rockies Venture Club at info(at)rockiesventureclub(dot)org.

About Rockies Venture Club
Rockies Venture Club is the nation’s oldest Angel Investing Group, founded in 1985. RVC’s mission is to advance Economic Development by actively connecting investors with the most promising entrepreneurial companies and by offering education programs for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. Rockies Venture Club will hold more than 100 educational workshops, mastermind groups, angel forums and conferences in 2014 – including its annual Angel Capital Summit and Colorado Capital Conference.

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