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New Farm to Vape Flavors:  Grape, Key Lime & Pineapple

New Farm to Vape Flavors: Grape, Key Lime & Pineapple

December 22, 2017 – Farm to Vape LLC is pleased to announce the release of three new natural flavors to their line of Thinner products.  Farm to Vape’s Grape, Key Lime & Pineapple turn legal herbal concentrates like cbd oil into flavored e liquids that can be used in any vape pen or cartridge.

Farm to Vape works by mixing and heating up the CBD oil, wax or distillate for a few minutes to dissolve and then adding to a vape pen cartridge.  The new flavors add a pleasant taste and aroma to the vaping experience while helping mask the taste and smell of the herbal concentrate.  This is very beneficial for patients who are medicating while traveling away from their residence.  This also allows patients to achieve a uniform dose of their medication in a discrete manner while enjoying a burst of natural fruit flavor in their vape.

The Grape flavor captures the essence of freshly harvested dark variety grapes such as used in natural grape juices or jellies.  The Key Lime flavor has a noticeably tart flavor that definitely compliments all concentrates by adding a citrus depth to the palette.  Pineapple is naturally the sweetest of the new flavors by blending this tropical sensation with familiar sap like herbal concentrates.

These new flavors are available in gallon and 60ml sizes to suit the needs of commercial vape pen manufactures and medical patients alike.  Farm to Vape is made in the USA and is an industry pioneer through helping customers turn herbal concentrates into e liquid since June 2014.  For more information contact Troy White at 804-601-8432 or


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