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En-tranced Inc.Named Company of the Year by Vents Magazine

En-tranced Inc.Named Company of the Year by Vents Magazine

Los Angeles, CA – March 14th 2024 – In a monumental acknowledgment of its innovative contributions to the cannabis and hip hop communities, Entranced has been named Company of the Year by Now Hip Hop, one of the most influential platforms in the hip hop industry. This prestigious award comes as a recognition of Entranced’s groundbreaking work in reshaping the cannabis landscape through advanced technology and community-focused initiatives, notably through its pioneering venture, Entranced TV.

Now Hip Hop, a leading voice in the hip hop culture for over a decade, has been instrumental in spotlighting the genre’s best and brightest, having supported the rise of major artists such as Post Malone and 21 Savage. The platform’s decision to honor Entranced this year reflects a shared vision between the two entities: a commitment to positive community impact and cultural evolution.
Entranced’s cutting-edge Cyclone Technologies have set new standards in the cannabis industry, offering consumers safer and more controlled experiences. These technologies include the Cyclone Micro Dry-Misting Technology, which delivers fast-acting, precisely measured doses of cannabis in a discreet and efficient manner, and the Cyclone Transdermal and Edible Uptake Technologies, which provide innovative solutions for dosage control and experience optimization.

Beyond its technological advancements, Entranced has made significant strides in community engagement through Entranced TV. This initiative offers a dynamic platform for education, entertainment, and open discourse within the cannabis community, emphasizing the positive aspects of cannabis culture and its intersection with hip hop. Entranced TV’s diverse programming not only educates and entertains but also fosters a sense of unity and understanding around the benefits and responsible use of cannabis.

The Now Hip Hop award for Company of the Year is not just a nod to Entranced’s technological innovations but also a recognition of its efforts to bridge communities and create positive change. Entranced embodies the spirit of hip hop culture in its embrace of innovation, community, and social impact, making it a deserving recipient of this accolade.

As hip hop continues to be a driving force in cultural conversations, Entranced’s work represents a significant step forward in aligning the cannabis movement with broader societal values. This award underscores the importance of companies that are not only successful in their business endeavors but also committed to making a positive difference in the world.

With this recognition from Now Hip Hop, Entranced is poised to continue its mission of advancing the cannabis industry and contributing to the positive evolution of hip hop culture. As the company looks to the future, it remains dedicated to innovation, education, and the cultivation of a more informed and inclusive community.

About: En-tranced is a Boston based company focusing on the utilization of advanced delivery and emulsion science to develop the next generation of cannabis products. Our patented and patent pending delivery technologies called “Cyclone “are designed to elevate the consumers cannabis experience.

Media Contact:
Laura Stephens


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