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Elysium Fields Releases New Concentrate in Oregon’s Chalice Farms Dispensaries

Elysium Fields Releases New Concentrate in Oregon’s Chalice Farms Dispensaries

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

Portland, Oregon, July 21, 2022Elysium Fields recently announced their newest concentrate line, Black Label Rosin. Black Label Rosin joins the rest of Elysium Fields’ range of full-spectrum, high-terpene cannabis products available at all Chalice Farms Weed Dispensary locations across Oregon.

The new solventless concentrate is created using cold water to extract trichomes from fresh-frozen plant material. The resulting trichomes are separated by size and freeze-dried to remove all moisture, placed into filter bags and pressed between two heated plates to extract the resin from inside of the trichomes. The resulting product is called fresh press rosin. From there, a number of different consistencies can be produced such as cold press, jam, diamonds, sauce, badder, and cartridges. Chalice Farms will launch with three initial strains including Frankenpines Monster, Mountain Top Kush Cake, and Blue Star Dawg.

“We carefully pheno-hunted our favorite cultivars to find the best hash plants to wash and press for our Black Label Rosin, and the terps on these strains are top quality. We can’t wait to share our passion for hash with customers across Oregon.” – Joel Klobas

Oregon customers may already be familiar with Elysium Fields’ Artisanal Pre-Rolls, their Full-Spectrum Tinctures, High Terpene Live Resin Carts, or “Drip Stick” Pre-Rolls infused with live resin and THC-A crystals.

Elysium Fields’ range of artisanal cannabis products are now available at all Chalice Farms locations across Oregon. Customers interested in learning more can find Black Label Rosin at their nearest Chalice Farms dispensary.

About Chalice Brands Ltd.

Chalice Brands is a premier consumer-driven cannabis company specializing in production, processing, wholesale, distribution and retail, with dispensary locations in and around Portland, Oregon. The Company is committed to developing a dynamic portfolio built around the recognized brands of Chalice Brands, including Chalice Farms, Left Coast Connection, and Cannabliss & Co., with a focus on health and wellness. Chalice operates nationally through Fifth & Root and has operations in Oregon and California. Visit for regular updates.

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