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Ecologist Designs Water Filter for Marijuana Growers

Ecologist Designs Water Filter for Marijuana Growers

Veyo, UT  (MJbizwire) September 10, 2014

Ecologist James P. McMahon has been developing water filtration systems for more than 10 years and worked on water quality and river restorations for ten years prior to that. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, McMahon has ventured into a new sector of the water filtration industry – developing purification systems that provide optimum water quality for growing marijuana plants.

McMahon’s company, Elevate 420, specializes in providing water purification systems to home, retail and wholesale marijuana growers. Each are designed with the science of marijuana growing in mind. McMahon designed the Bud Booster™ water filter specifically for home and retail marijuana growers.

“Growers interested in producing large, healthy buds really must eliminate toxins like fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine in the water they use to grow,” McMahon said. His Bud Booster water filters do just that. “The Bud Booster water filter is the best filter for growing marijuana in locations where total dissolved solids are 300 parts per million or less,” he said.

McMahon recently spent extensive time in Denver, Colo., analyzing growing conditions and learning what growers are using for water filtration.

2-2-2 filter designed for growing MARIJUANA

“What I saw in Denver is that very few growers were taking into consideration that chloramine and fluoride need to be removed from the water because they can inhibit bud growth,” McMahon said. “The fluoride in municipal water systems is known to interfere with phosphorous uptake,” McMahon said.

According to Matt Bickel, senior grower at LoDo Wellness Center, a medical and recreational dispensary in Denver, “Fluoride in water causes the lockout of phosphorus which is the key ingredient to growing big buds.” Additionally, “There really is a benefit (to using the right water filter) because a grower will typically recuperate the cost in one harvest if the rest of the garden is functioning properly,” Bickel said.

In his work as a scientist, McMahon learned to match the water treatment method to the actual contaminants present in the water being treated. This results in the most effective treatment and the healthiest water. “Using appropriately filtered water means healthy, vigorous plants that reach maximum bud size and potency,” McMahon said.

For more information about Elevate 420 or the Bud Booster water filtration system, contact Jim at or visit Photos available upon request.

James McMahon

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