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The New Doobster App for On Demand Legal Marijuana Delivery Does Things Differently.

The New Doobster App for On Demand Legal Marijuana Delivery Does Things Differently.

Riverside, CA May 19, 2015Doobster_Logo_Bluegreen_merged_200x42

May 19, 2015 – Logistics Trust, Inc. has launched a subsidiary named Doobster

(, a mobile application and platform (the “Doobster Platform”) that allows a consumer of legal marijuana to order products from their smart phones, tablets or computer and have the products delivered to their physical location. Doobster is launching in 15 states by empowering stakeholders at all levels with its innovative business model.

Started as a logistics and compliance consulting company in January 2013 by Scott Abadjian, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Logistics Trust, Inc. (“Logistics Trust”) now intends to provide consumers with an on-demand mobile (SaaS) platform. The robust and flexible Doobster Platform is very user-friendly. Consumers can register and order products quickly and with confidence. Products are delivered to a consumer’s location within minutes by using smart algorithms, advanced routing, heat maps, GPS, location services and other techniques.

But the Founder and Chief Executive Officer emphasizes, “Doobster is not Uber for marijuana; we are more than a marijuana delivery app.” The Company intends to make the term “doobster” synonymous with quality logistics and compliance facilitation services within the legal marijuana industry. Another objective of the Company is to create long-term value for its customers and business partners through the quality of its technology and services, its ability to facilitate compliance with applicable state and local laws, and its active commitment to helping customers and business partners build wealth.

Doobster Platform users will include the following parties:

  • State-authorized Cooperatives/Collectives/Dispensaries (“vendors”; “dispensaries”);
  • State-authorized legal marijuana product couriers (“drivers”), who are thoroughly screened by Doobster before being included in a dispensary’s driver pool and issued access to the Doobster Platform; and
  • State-authorized legal marijuana consumers (“consumers”; “patients”), who are thoroughly screened by Doobster before being granted access to the Doobster

Doobster does not grow, produce, process, distribute or sell marijuana or marijuana products. As a unit of a software logistics and compliance facilitation services company, it will deliver the following commercial services:

(a) Enable consumers to search for a Doobster-connected vendor of legal marijuana products within their local market area and state;

(b) Enable consumers to order legal marijuana products from the inventories of a Doobster- connected vendor within their local market area and state;

(c) Enable consumers to request and receive delivery of legal marijuana products by a driver affiliated with a Doobster-connected vendor to their current location; and

(d) Enable consumers to pay for their purchases of legal marijuana

Abadjian is passionate about making sure that all parties in the Doobster service delivery chain obtain real value from the Company’s technology and services. “This is an incredible time in our nation’s history. Cannabis has the potential to revolutionize the economy at local, state and national levels. We have not built a marijuana delivery app just for our benefit. My aim is people helping people. From cultivators to dispensaries to drivers to consumers to licensees to community residents to government regulators, Doobster helps to address the socio-political- economic interests of each of those stakeholders in a harmonized manner,” says Abadjian.

Studies show that both medical and recreational marijuana users of various demographic groups, including mobility-challenged, older people, business professionals and high-profile individuals, welcome discreet and legally compliant delivery of their cannabis products. Since many local ordinances limit the number and visibility of marijuana storefronts, the Doobster Platform enables vendors and consumers to communicate with a smart device or computer and execute a state- sanctioned legal marijuana purchase without the need for consumers to drive to dispensaries or wait in long lines to transact their business. A post-order in-store pick-up is also an option with use of the Doobster Platform for those who may be on the go and simply want to avoid long lines and wait times.

Abadjian emphasizes, “Our Doobster Platform satisfies the desire of vendors, consumers, community residents and government officials to allow state-authorized users of legal marijuana to access products in a safe, efficient and discreet manner. The Doobster Platform also negates the debate about the perceived negative stigma associated with visible, high-profile marijuana retail storefronts. Our business model addresses the core realities of the marijuana industry – people want easy, safe, discreet and reliable access to products, communities want to maintain their family-friendly standards, vendors want an effective means to drive sales, government officials want practical ways to regulate the industry and foster tax revenue, and business professionals want entry into the industry without the risk of violating federal, state or local laws.”

One of several distinguishing factors for Doobster is its use of a license model to open new state and county territories (called “DMA’s”) and enroll state-authorized dispensaries to adopt the Doobster Platform. Licensees at the state-level and DMA-levels serve as Doobster authorized representatives, complimenting internal Company sales and customer support teams. State and DMA licensees are also responsible for helping to foster community relations and maintain close relationships with dispensaries, as well as the customers and communities served. Licensees are vetted for their customer relationship management skills, sales, marketing, business management and financial acumen, as well as their local community connections and other attributes.

Having licensees who are well-established in their communities and vested in the success of the Doobster Platform in their territories provides multiple benefits. One important benefit is that it keeps a large percentage of the income generated by the Doobster Platform within the community, which creates jobs and economic security for the community.

“Our licensee model will afford local business professionals opportunities to get involved and benefit financially from the exploding legal marijuana industry without producing, handling, distributing or selling marijuana products,” says Michael Watorski, Vice President of Sales.

Licensee applications are now being accepted. Watorski has already sold several State and DMA licenses and demand has been brisk.

“What separates us from the competition is that our licensees receive a generous percentage split of the monthly Doobster revenue” says Watorski. He adds, “In addition, all licensees are issued Company stock, allowing them to profit from the ongoing success of the Company.”

To be clear, the company is not selling stock to licensees, dispensaries, drivers, employees or other stakeholders. The Equity participation and stock issuance awards are similar to a hybrid loyalty program and are designed to fully comply with all federal and state securities laws.

Logistics Trust not only shares equity with State and DMA licensees, but also with its dispensaries. “We’re stepping into this industry in a very innovative way to create real separation from the competition,” says Darryl K. Henderson, J.D., Chief Operations Officer. Henderson adds, “All dispensaries that adopt and utilize the Doobster Platform will receive an equity stake in the Company. In other words, not only do we create value with the quality of our technology and services, when we prosper, our business partners and customers prosper as well.”

Abadjian is very proud of the talented and diverse team of executives, internal sales professionals, technology staff and customer support staff assembled to deliver the Doobster Platform. “Our employees are our most valuable asset. We expect them to perform to exacting standards each and every day.” Abadjian adds, “We have been fortunate to assemble an outstanding team of seasoned business professionals to execute the Doobster operations.”

Doobster is moving into 15 states, including the following:

Alaska           Maryland                 Oregon

Arizona         Massachusetts         Vermont

California      Minnesota                Washington

Colorado       New Hampshire

Illinois           New Mexico

Maine            Nevada

The first phase of Doobster Platform launch has begun and involves accepting applications to become State and DMA licensees. The first State in which Doobster will operate is scheduled for launch in June, with a small group of select dispensaries participating in the launch. Consumers and prospective drivers for dispensaries are strongly encouraged to pre-register on the Doobster website and will be able to check for updates as June approaches. The Company is also engaged in a continuation of its angel investor fundraising.

The Official launch date of the Doobster Platform to the public will be announced on June 1st. It will take place in states that have both legalized marijuana sales and authorized legal marijuana deliveries.

Doobster is committed to following the law to exacting standards in all of the jurisdictions where it will operate. It will only work with licensed dispensaries and lawful drivers legally authorized to carry marijuana in their states. Doobster, in conjunction with their dispensary partners, always verifies that the person who ordered the product is the same person who receives the delivery. In fact, the Doobster application has features built into the system to assure this is the case. In addition to following all existing state marijuana laws, Logistics Trust has an active outreach program with the stated goal of engaging regulators, legislators, policy-makers and community leaders at all state levels and federally. The Company understands that common sense regulation to accommodate the public’s demand for safe, discreet access to legal cannabis will require a lot of work and cooperation by all parties with a vested interest in the process and outcome. The Company intends to help nurture those relationships and support the organizations and people working to end marijuana prohibition and enact common sense regulations.

Still not convinced that Logistics Trust is a different kind of company? Here is additional proof: Until the end of June the Company is running a public contest for the design of its avatar or icon. The avatar will supplement the Company name and tagline and serve as a quick symbol of the Doobster brand, like the golden arches does for McDonald’s. Visitors to the Doobster website are invited to submit avatar designs. From June 8th to June 26th, the Company will conduct a public vote for the best avatar design. And here is the kicker: The winning avatar, to be determined by July 1st, will be awarded a block of the Company’s stock.



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Doobster® is the registered trademark of Logistics Trust

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