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Dispensed2U Inc. Takes to Indiegogo With Mobile Marijuana Delivery App Campaign

Dispensed2U Inc. Takes to Indiegogo With Mobile Marijuana Delivery App Campaign

Brooklyn, NY June 18, 2014

Dispensed2U Inc. has unveiled the company’s Indiegogo campaign to fund the creation of the company’s all-new Dispensed2U mobile marijuana delivery app.

Crowdfunding has become an incredibly popular way to take something from concept to concrete reality, and that’s exactly what Dispensed2U, Inc. is tapping into with the company’s new Indiegogo campaign.

Dispensed2U, Inc.’s Indiegogo campaign will help raise funds for the creation of the company’s mobile marijuana delivery app – $125,000 is needed for development through one of the nation’s top app development firms based in New York City. The campaign will officially kick off on June 17, 2014.

“This app will revolutionize the way customers can order and receive their product. Simply sign up on our website or mobile app, place orders with nearby dispensaries and receive recreational marijuana delivered right to your door,” said Tim Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Dispensed2U, Inc. The Dispensed2U app will be made available for iPhone, iPad and Android users.

“This app will be ready for use in states where recreational marijuana is legalized. When other states legalize it, we’ll be there,” added Jared Morrison, Chief Operating Officer of Dispensed2U, Inc. Currently, both Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use, and several others have pending legislation to follow their lead.

The new app will act as a hub to connect customers with nearby dispensaries that offer delivery services. This saves customers time and hassle, as locating dispensaries that deliver can be extremely difficult to do, even with the resources of the Internet available. However, the app will also benefit dispensaries by providing significant revenue increases for partners participating in the app.

“The app will be free to use for customers. We will charge a 10% fee to participating dispensaries which will be greatly offset by the increase in business that dispensaries can expect to see,” said Wayne Han, Chief Financial Officer of Dispensed2U, Inc.

To learn more about Dispensed2U’s mobile app or to contribute to the company’s Indiegogo campaign, visit

About Dispensed2U, Inc.: Based in Brooklyn, New York, Dispensed2U, Inc. is the company behind the Dispensed2U mobile app, designed to ensure that customers are able to easily locate dispensaries that offer delivery in their area and place an order right through the app.

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