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Dispensary Growth and Mosaic Unite for Unmatched SEO and Tech Solutions

Dispensary Growth and Mosaic Unite for Unmatched SEO and Tech Solutions

Two Major Players in Cannabis Tech Set to Revolutionize Cannabis E-commerce

DENVER, CO- March 11, 2024 – In a groundbreaking development set to transform the cannabis retail industry, Dispensary-Growth, a premier SEO agency, and Mosaic, a state-of-the-art e-commerce software tailored for the cannabis sector, have announced a strategic partnership. This alliance will leverage the combined power of their technology and services by providing cannabis retail businesses with unparalleled SEO and tech solutions to enhance their online presence and fuel growth.

Under this united front, Mosaic will handle the critical aspect of menu technology, while Dispensary-Growth will lead the charge on SEO. The result? A two-pronged approach designed to deliver massive results for cannabis retailers.

“Our collaboration with Mosaic demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that drive growth in the cannabis industry,” said Charlie Hernandez, CEO of Dispensary Growth. “We know the future of the industry lies in leveraging digital technologies and SEO strategies to reach consumers effectively, and we are leading the way with this partnership”.

Mosaic is renowned for its innovative software that merges the in-store experience with the digital world, providing dispensaries with a platform that not only bridges the physical and virtual gap, but also boosts customer interaction and operational efficiency. Their platform offers a comprehensive solution featuring a branded app and online menu that incorporates e-commerce, loyalty programs, and payment processing into one unified system.

“Our alliance with Dispensary Growth enables us to offer a unique value proposition to cannabis retailers,” said Jack Blaeser, Founder and CEO of Mosaic. “We are bringing together advanced technology and proven SEO strategies to create a one of a kind offering in the market. Our combined expertise will empower retailers to harness the full potential of the booming cannabis market and drive significant growth.”

The partnership will focus on delivering guaranteed results, which reflects the confidence both companies have in their combined capabilities. They plan to engage selectively with clients who are best positioned to benefit from their synergistic strengths.

Combining the powers of Dispensary-Growth and Mosaic is more than just a business alliance; it’s a revolution in cannabis e-commerce. It’s an opportunity for cannabis retailers to leverage the power of SEO and state-of-the-art technology to boost their online presence, streamline operations, and stimulate growth. This strategic partnership will reshape the future of cannabis retail through offering an unmatched blend of tech and SEO solutions that will drive industry sales and progress.

For more information about this strategic partnership and its potential impact on the cannabis industry, please visit our website Dispensary-Growth and Mosaic

Media Contact:
Elana Cohen
LKP Impact Consulting

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