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Diamond Cut Co. Announces – The Premier – Signature 3½” Original Lifestyle Herb Scissor

Diamond Cut Co. Announces – The Premier – Signature 3½” Original Lifestyle Herb Scissor

MILWAUKEE, WI. /  MJBizwire / July 18, 2016 — Diamond Cut Co. is a marijuana lifestyle company that specializes in products for the burgeoning medicinal and recreational marijuana industry. We are proud to announce the first consumer marijuana scissor.
At a size of 3½” the small and portable scissor has been tested and designed, for proper length, fit and feel. Establishing the Gold Standard for marijuana scissors, this official size allows the herb to stay still, eliminating the worry of pieces springing while you cut. The Diamond Cut Co. scissors feature a Blunt Blade allowing superior safety while in use. The design of the scissor combines supreme functionality along with exceptional style, providing the consumer with a true connoisseur choice.
Diamond Cut Co. is proud to offer a precise, connoisseur cut of herb, at any size, with almost no trichome loss at all. Use the scissor in your palm or in our Diamond Carry.
Diamond Cut Co. is the newest business to emerge out of the booming marijuana industry. The company is offering its ancillary product at a time when no other product exists on the market. Being true originals, the two seasoned smokers, who, are of course long time scissor users – spearhead the company as founders. Diamond Cut Co. understands the market and sees a need to appeal to the true connoisseur.
“It’s time to represent a new way. We see using scissors as a great alternative to using a grinder.” says, T.Y. Co-Founder of Diamond Cut Co. “We look at it as a classier way to break down herb. It’s more of a connoisseur choice if you will.” He goes on to say, “If you think about it, all the hard work and effort put into growing such a beautiful plant with such a beautiful flower, it’s a shame to shove a nugget into a grinder and maul it.” He adds, “There’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears the growers have shed to give you an amazing herb that is both appealing in looks, as well as in medicinal value. They work extremely hard and those men and women prove it again and again that they are very, very, nice to you. So we in turn think you should be nice back.”
“Don’t be a barbarian and shove it into a medieval device.” quips, the second Founder, M.Z.
“Show the plant and the grower some love. Be nice to your weed.” laughs, T.Y.
With smiling faces, the owners at Diamond Cut Co. are greeted with open arms as medicinal and recreational cannabis users excitedly embrace another company that has brought its own solutions to an industry poised to change the world.
“Specifically designed and produced to service this wonderful community first is a great honor.” states, M.Z.
“Rather than purchase a cheap unqualified scissor we decided to create something specifically tailored to a particular lifestyle,” says T.Y. “We designed a scissor that meets the needs of the community and we are very proud to be The Original brand that can represent connoisseur’s in both business as well as personal life.” adds, M.Z.
“We’re in the cut.” They say in unison, laughing.

Diamond Cut Co. is excited to bring more cutting edge products to the market in the very near future. We look forward to an exciting time in the industry, come 2017!
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We can’t wait to see you in the cut. #DiamondCutCo #DCC #InTheCut

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