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Denver-Based Best Buds App Focuses on Finding Good Weed

Denver-Based Best Buds App Focuses on Finding Good Weed

Denver, Colorado May 07, 2014

Aiming to become the ‘Better Business Bureau’ of weed, the Best Buds app has begun to place a higher priority on the quality of marijuana products carried in each dispensary with the goal to highlight only the best dispensaries in the Denver Area.

Major updates to the app include a quick filter that allows users to refine their search to either recreational or medicinal dispensaries in their immediate area. Users also have the ability to find local dispensaries by flipping through high resolution pictures of the actual stains carried in each shop.

Further updates include the allowance of each dispensary to display THC, CBD, & CBN contents of their lab-tested strains as well as a description of the effects a user may expect to feel when smoking a certain strain. Co-Founder Ronnie Wagman said that the company is “expecting that a description of strain effects will attract more casual users that may be curious about trying new strains but are unfamiliar with names.”

Since legalization on January 1, both tourists and locals alike have made Best Buds the go-to dispensary finder app in Denver. The Best Buds update was released on April 25th, and is free to download at or on the iTunes App Store.

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