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Deep Green Genetics to Participate in Summer Cannabis Expos Around World

Deep Green Genetics to Participate in Summer Cannabis Expos Around World

June 6th, 2024 – Starting in June, Deep Green Genetics (powered by Earthdance) can be found at the New England Cannabis Expo (NECANN) in Burlington, VT, on June 14-15.

“The Deep Green Ohana is looking forward to being with the Northeast Kingdom cannabis community and sharing aloha with them,” said Will Grinnell, Deep Green Geneticist.

In July, Deep Green takes its tour to South America: Colombia and Ecuador. On July 26-27, Deep Green will debut its own cannabis genetic line (curated by Sticky Fingers Seeds breeder Grinnell) at the Caribbean Cup in Santa Marta, Colombia. Deep Green Genetics, along with its in-house breeder, Sticky Fingers Seeds, is proud to be a Punto Rojo sponsor, and Sticky Fingers Seeds is a Mango Biche level sponsor.

The tour moves to Quito, Ecuador, from August 9 to 11 for the “Copa Centro del Mundo” (Cup of the Center of the World Hash Squash Off). Grinnell is honored to be one of the judges for the “Squash Off” at this event.

Deep Green will return to South America in November, participating in the Expo Cannabis Argentina from November 3 to 5 and the “Los de la Cata” cannabis festival in Santa Marta, Colombia Nov. 16. Grinnell is also proud to be a judge at this event.

Deep Green is happy to announce the grand re-opening of its online store, featuring Hawaii’s finest cannabis breeders alongside some of finest craft cannabis breeders from around the world. For more information and seed specials, visit Additionally, one of Deep Green’s in-house breeders, Ziplock Seeds, has won numerous awards in North and South America, most recently, with his 7th Award (in Argentina) for best strain, Black Panther at expos around the world.

About Deep Green Genetics:
 DGG started in 2011 as a major cannabis event in California. It has since become a collaboration network of multi-generation craft cannabis farmers and breeders from all over the world. We bring together combined knowledge and heritage seed collections, offering the global community some of the world’s best heritage craft cannabis genetics available.

The Deep Green family of cannabis breeders offers one of the most unique and rare collectors selection of cannabis genetics, in addition to all the popular standards.

Check out our latest radio commercials:

Deep Green Agency: Deep Green Agency is a boutique cannabis advisory firm. We bridge the gap between cannabis businesses and the services they require, from genetics consultation to branding and marketing.

About Earthdance: Earthdance is a pioneering organization that has been creating transformative, conscious events for 26 years. With a global reach and a profound commitment to promoting peace, Earthdance’s synchronized festivals have touched the hearts and minds of people across the world. The Prayer for Peace, a pivotal moment during each festival, fosters a unified intention for peace on all levels. As Earthdance continues to “evolute,” it embraces various initiatives, including supporting Deep Green Genetics and facilitating Earthdance World Peace Day festivals, and merchandise that reflects their mission of promoting peace, harmony, and unity.

Earthdance events happen year round, for more information about and potential collaborations, please visit

Deep Green Genetics

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