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Cramp Stamps, the First Transdermal Temporary Tattoo Launches in California

Cramp Stamps, the First Transdermal Temporary Tattoo Launches in California

CALIFORNIA, MARCH 7, 2023Cramp Stamps announces the launch of the very first cannabis infused, transdermal temporary tattoo. Each tattoo contains 10mg of THC and has more bioavailability and a faster onset than a typical edible. Medicated temporary tattoos work just like a nicotine patch or any other transdermal patch; the active ingredient enters the bloodstream through the skin.

A Cramp Stamp tattoo is a fun alternative to a gummy or other edibles. “I wanted to create something totally new and different,” said Nikki Furrer, the inventor of the tattoos and the founder of Cramp Stamps. “As both a product developer and a consumer, I was so bored with gummies and chocolate and vape pens. I am obsessed with cannabis skin products, and I love how transdermal applications avoid the digestive system.”

It took more than 2 years of research and development, but the tattoos are finally patent pending and available for purchase in California.
The brand is funded by friends and family, which means no big marketing campaigns and just one sku, for now.
“Of course, the plan is for more tattoos in more designs and doses and sizes. The options are limitless, and I am very excited to create more tattoos,” said Furrer.

About Cramp Stamps: Cramp Stamps is a woman owned and funded brand, founded by Nikki Furrer, the author of A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better and Get High Like a Lady. Cramp Stamps are manufactured in Santa Rosa, CA and distributed by Nabis distribution.

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Nikki Furrer

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