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Code Kush LLC Launches Web Joint – A Cannabis Dispensary Website Builder

Code Kush LLC Launches Web Joint – A Cannabis Dispensary Website Builder

Los Angeles, CA (MJbizwire) November 10, 2014

The medical and recreational marijuana industry is one of the major industries in the US and caters to a large number of clinics and dispensaries. A main ingredient for many medicinal drugs, medical marijuana is a basic requirement for several hospitals.

Code Kush caters to the Cannabis Industry in the most remarkable manner. They understand the service is required by the consumers opens an option of streamlining and optimizing the entire service for dispensaries and organizations alike. Due to the mismanagement and lack of optimization available to the Cannabis industry, Code Kush is a one stop solution that provides sanctuary and benefits in the most remarkable manner.

Code Kush is a software company which is dedicated to providing an all in one solution based on technology and software so as to automate and regularize the medical marijuana supply for the hospitals and dispensaries. Offering a new service called WebJoint which is a website builder for dispensaries to quickly create a professional website without any technical experience. They can even even have their design customized by the Web Joint team for that special feel and personalization. The WebJoitn service includes a wide array of features and tools which make it unique including: patient registration, auto patient verification, menu synchronization with 3rd parties, inventory management, POS, a loyalty program that is expected to shake the market and much more. Code Kush ensures that it revolutionizes the operations for the marijuana industry.

Under the guidance of the three co-founder’s; Christopher Dell’olio, the CEO, Hilart Abrahamian, the CFO and Billy Bateman, the CTO, Code Kush has achieved more than 30 clients on the Web Joint platform within its first two weeks of launching. Moreover, the service is currently being used/evaluated by over 27,000+ patients in California who have benefited from the new system. Further, Code Kush has eliminated all manual data entry to 3rd party website’s and over the phone verification by introducing the automatic patient verification system. With the click of a button, the entire registration process is completed within seconds.

As the company’s main focus is to keep Web Joint their tool to revolutionize the MMJ industry online by providing the core software and web solutions to the dispensaries and companies alike, allowing them to quickly create a website in seconds. By providing easy to access database, simple user interface and improved visibility online, Web Joint has greatly helped increase the organization and performance of the deliveries and dispensaries who cared for thousands of medical patients statewide.

Through more exposure and a larger base to attract, Web Joint is the solution for many struggling deliveries in the MMJ industry. It allows a great deal of independence and a lot of new tools and features to enhance the website and service online.

Pin Joint on the other hand is an upcoming new service of Code Kush which will pin point medical marijuana. It will connect shops and patients in the most remarkable way so as to provide the medical marijuana quickly and easily to patients. The ease with which one can find a local shop with medical marijuana and then order as per requirement, Pin Joint is certainly the most apt solution for many people.

It benefits the shops and patients equally and is another trademark service of Code Kush. Both these products live up to the philosophy of the organization and are market leaders in their own regard.


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