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For Immediate Release: April 17, 2017
Contact: Richard Pine 216-465-4161

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Cannabis College, the first brick and mortar educational facility in Ohio for cannabis education today, this week announced that on April 20, 2017, they will be hosting a comprehensive and completely free career fair geared towards both the direct industry and the ancillary market.

Curated to provide business owners and startup companies with the ability to network with other industry leaders, as well as network and gather resumes for potential employees down the road, the Cannabis Career Fair is set to be a career fair Ohio has never witnessed before.

“The cannabis industry is quickly emerging in Ohio and surrounding states today,” said Richard Pine, CEO of Cleveland Cannabis College. “As such, we wanted to provide a constructive event for individuals intent on furthering the development of their cannabis entity through collaboration, connection, and invaluable networking. Plus, for those looking to get a jump start in the industry, they will be able to network with potential employers and business partners.”

In addition to the networking capabilities, the event will also feature national advocate and 2nd Federal Cannabis patient, Irvin Rosenfeld, as the guest and keynote speaker. Rosenfeld is known for his medical marijuana activism and collaboration with the U.S. government for considering its legality in the future.

“Cannabis will undoubtedly be an integral part in our nation’s economy in the future,” said Mr. Pine. “Instead of waiting around for that day to finally happen, we’re encouraging everyone to get a head start and take the blossoming cannabis industry seriously today. Join us this April 20 for immeasurable connections, and the chance to speak with Irvin Rosenfeld.”

Lastly, a private dinner will be held on April 19th with Irvin and eight qualifying patients. “It is a chance for some very sick patients to get advice in an intimate setting,” said Mr. Pine. “Most of these patients are seeking  more information on how their sickness can be treated/cured using cannabis. Since spots are limited, we are picking the most severe and sick patients.”
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The Cannabis Career Fair will take place from 6 to 8:30PM at 5755 Granger Road, Suite 100, Independence, Ohio
For more information, visit:

About Company: The Cleveland Cannabis College is the first brick and mortar educational facility in Ohio for cannabis education. A one-stop shop in the cannabis industry, CCC offers a bundle of services outside of education. Our facility serves as a resource center for all cannabis related activity.

Media Contact: Richard Pine, CEO
5755 Granger Rd. Suite 100, Independence, Ohio 44131



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