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Cleveland Cannabis College Grand Opening Event in “Weed Dating” Format, Free

Cleveland Cannabis College Grand Opening Event in “Weed Dating” Format, Free

Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 1-5pm. Open to the public.

Cleveland Cannabis College (CCC) opens the doors to their program by offering up a new twist on a medical cannabis networking event—by way of “weed dating.” This is an open table, business casual event, catered, and free to the community. It allows interested parties to learn more about the college, medical cannabis, job openings, and investment opportunities within the cannabis industry. A list of suggested questions will be provided.

The school is pulling out all of the stops for this event. Jonathan Cachat, PhD, president/CEO of CCV Research (, known well in the industry, will give the keynote address. Attendees will be given the chance to have up to ten minutes of one-on-one face time with a multitude of Industry bigwigs. Visitors can rub elbows, exchange business cards, and drop names, at this quick-paced, unique event.

A list of some of the industry professionals:

  • Cher Neufer, Director Ohio NORML, What is NORML and the benefits of joining”

The first brick and mortar educational center of its kind, the college itself will have impacts on the entire cannabis sector. With classes from horticulture and medicine, to business and research, graduates will enter into the workforce with some of the first ever degrees based on marijuana. Ahead of the game, the CCC then promises job offers within 6 months to students that complete their advanced curriculum.

Richard Pine, the CEO of CCC, states the school’s mission is to “share the unbiased, scientific facts about the cannabis plant with as many people as possible.”

Interest in the college has been great enough that expansion is already in the works. They’re adding classrooms, designing a webinar series, adding on-site legal counsel, and a physician’s office. They’re also finalizing accredited CME coursework for physicians and working with other colleges to set up their DEA Level 1 labs.

Pine says, “Whether it’s patients looking for information, entrepreneurs looking to start a business, or doctors seeking credible information to help treat patients, our doors are open to everyone.”

Event located at 5755 Granger Rd., St 100 Independence, Ohio 44131 ph: (216) 465-4161

Check out this video from Cleveland Cannabis College

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