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CJB’S Webinar Demystifies Credit Card Processing For MJ Businesses

CJB’S Webinar Demystifies Credit Card Processing For MJ Businesses

Denver, Colorado  February 19, 2014

“We have established the relationships with banks and have businesses running credit cards for their customers already,” said Steve Bederman, CEO of The Marijuana Company (TMC) and (CJB). “We have something to offer dispensaries, grow houses, and other MJ businesses before the federal law sorts out this whole mess.”

After just a few weeks of offering credit card processing, dispensaries and other businesses have discovered what has to provide.

“We are presenting a free webinar next Thursday for everyone to learn about the banking relationships and credit card processing deals CJB has,” said Sheri Springer, VP of Sales at TMC and CJB. “But why wait? Call our sales team today and we can walk you through the quick application process and answer any questions you have right over the phone.”

CJB is only offering a limited number of applications a week so make sure you take advantage and don’t wait too long to leverage your business above the competition.

“We know what we are doing and we will show you. Just give us a call and explore your options today,” said Bederman.

Want to know more? Call CJB today 855-840-0862.

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