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Made in China Dispensary Packaging Outperforming Domestic Manufactured Dispensary Supplies

Made in China Dispensary Packaging Outperforming Domestic Manufactured Dispensary Supplies

Commerce, CA   March 27, 2014

Although the story of the growing legal marijuana industry in the United States is one of the most impressive economic stories of 2014, there is an untold story to their profitability. According to A&A Packaging, a majority of their legal Marijuana dispensary customers are helping to keep costs down by relying on high quality dispensary supplies manufactured in China.

With the costs of establishing a business and cutthroat competition on their heels, legal marijuana dispensaries in Washington and Colorado are looking to cut costs wherever they can to ensure their profitability and liquidity. A&A Packaging states that with recent legislation in both states strictly regulating packaging, most of the dispensaries they work with cannot compromise on quality, especially in packaging compliance. Made in China dispensary supplies have been exceeding the quality standards of A&A Packaging customers for the past few years and continue to meet FDA compliance standards for every state.

A representative for A&A Packaging, a California-based medical supply company that specializes in supplying marijuana dispensaries, sees his company’s connection to Chinese manufacturers as a boon to the medical marijuana industry. “Chinese manufacturing had helped to keep packaging prices low for businesses, and they have been passing these savings along to the customer. The fact that these lower-priced options exceed domestic quality standards in the last few years is why A&A is proud of our business partnerships in China.”

A&A Packaging has been ahead of the curve since before legalization was signed into law, and has kept a keen eye on the needs of medical and legal marijuana business owners. “We don’t believe in putting a burden on businesses that have just opened their doors nor do we want to limit the revenue potential of those who have been operating for many years” A&A’s representative said “We are going to continue to provide the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price.”

A&A Global imports is a California based medical supply company that prides itself on providing the highest quality dispensary supplies on the market. They are global leaders in the cannabis supply industry and their goal is to be a one stop shop experience for dispensaries nationwide. A&A is proud to be a part of the emerging marijuana industry and is an advocate for full legalization throughout the United States. For more information on how A&A Global Imports can supply your business call (888) 315-2453 or visit

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