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Celebrate Legal Cannabis Day In Canada With Butiq Escapes

Celebrate Legal Cannabis Day In Canada With Butiq Escapes

Since 1867, Canadians have been celebrating the unification of their country on July 1, but the next celebration will have a notable added attraction. As of 2018, Canada Day will also become “cannabis day” since the Canadian government has legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Are Canadians likely to respond to this added attraction? At least one company is trying to make sure that they do. A “no boundaries” travel firm, known for advertising “amazing luxury experiences,” is offering the “Highest of Highs” for this one.

Butiq Escapes urges travelers to begin their 2018 Canada Day celebration by gathering a group of friends who will be whisked by helicopter to a private mountain top location and lake for “fun in the sun.” The adventure-seeking groups will leave from Victoria, Vancouver, or Whistler BC to start this unique day. However, the helicopter ride is only the beginning. Once settled on the mountain top, the real experience begins and – promises the luxury travel company – the options are many.

You can sit in the lap of luxury around the lake all day or, for the more
adventurous, you might rouse yourself for a hike through some of Canada’s
most beautiful scenery.

Want to indulge yourself with a gourmet BBQ? It’s available, as is – at your
request – the services of a private chef who will be flown in. Also at your
request, a DJ or yoga instructor will be flown to the mountain top for
your entertainment.

– The supply of drinks and snacks will never end.
– To make sure you will not forget this day, you will receive a video of this
unique experience.
– If you don’t want to leave after one day, arrangements can be made for an
overnight stay

Probably neither last nor least, you can sample the locally grown and finest
marijuana products. A “goodie bag” of the best made in British Columbia is

Butiq Escapes is already taking reservations of the three planned trips. For anyone
who is intrigued by the possibilities of such an experience, what about the price? If
you need to ask, you probably can’t afford it. However, the travel company says only
that the price will be determined by the number of people who sign up.

Whether it is celebrated on a reserved mountain top or in the privacy of a home, Canada Day, July 1, 2018, may be a unique experience.

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