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CDx Partners with AZ Med Testing to Expand the MyDx Analyzer Platform

CDx Partners with AZ Med Testing to Expand the MyDx Analyzer Platform

La Jolla, CA  February 07, 2014

With just over 40 days left in the indiegogo campaign, MyDx draws nearer to its first funding goal. With everyone’s continued support, we believe we can meet all of our goals and exceed expectations.

Since our campaign launch, we have been gratefully overwhelmed with support and interest in our revolutionary device. With so much positive feedback, legitimate questions and concerns have also emerged in forums and discussions everywhere about whether the MyDx analyzer can deliver trusted results. How can such an affordable device compete with expensive lab quality results? The answer is simple: technology.

By utilizing state of the art electronic nose technology used by NASA, we are able to take something that would normally be large and make it small, yet similarly functional. Don’t just take our word for it though. We’ve teamed up with AZ Med Testing, a cannabis testing laboratory featured in USA Today, who has more than 53 years of combined lab, analysis and environmental testing experience. CDx and AZ Med are collaborating to use the MyDx analyzer platform side by side with in house laboratory equipment to compare data and ensure the results of the MyDx Analyzer are in line with laboratory standards. This is only the beginning of our commitment to quality. AZ Med Testing and MyDx have stepped it up even further, and are committed to being recognized by the international community by seeking ISO certification. Our motto is to trust and verify what you put into your mind and body, and we are certain you will be able to trust and verify MyDx.

The MyDx Cannabis App

The final update to our campaign this week is our new perk. With so many cannabis strains on the market, it’s no secret that finding the correct strain can become a daunting task. In an effort to solve this problem, patients will soon be able to use the MyDx Android or iOS Application even before the MyDx analyzer is ready to test their samples. By simply entering a sample ID provided by laboratories that meet third party approved standards of accuracy and compliance, such as AZ Med Testing, or by manually entering the chemical composition of their already tested cannabis samples, patients will be able to start tracking how specific cannabinoid/terpenoid profiles are making them feel. The MyDx application will then be able to make personalized recommendations, suggesting cannabis products exclusively based on individual data and requirements versus the data of a collective survey. Since everyone has a unique body chemistry, it’s no surprise how essential the MyDx application can be in improving your personal cannabis experience.

Patients will also have the option to share their data anonymously in a public database that will be managed by CDx and it’s central lab partners. This option is part of our commitment and belief that the MyDx application is as much about privacy as it is about your choice to help the public. Patients that decide to contribute to this database can expect that their data will play a vital role in equipping patients and industry professionals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Doctors will finally be able to analyze and interpret up to date patient data which would result in more precise recommendations on dosage, intake methods, and cannabinoid/terpenoid profiles. Patients and doctors will no longer have to only rely on strain name recommendations and in store suggestions. They will finally know what to expect from their medication, promising a more pleasant and relieving cannabis experience.

Our vision of an empowered consumer draws ever closer and we need your continued support like never before! Share our campaign and help our vision of a healthier world become a reality.

Thank you.

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About CDx
CDx, Inc. was founded on the mission of empowering people to live healthier lives by understanding the purity of everything they eat, drink, and inhale. MyDx – A Device for a Better Life, is their first product, and will work with interchangeable sensors to test for pesticides in food, chemicals in water, toxins in air, and the safety and potency of cannabis samples. While CDx plans to ship MyDx globally, the team has made a strategic decision not ship the cannabis sensor to consumers in states that have not legalized the adult possession and consumption of cannabis either medically or recreationally. However, the MyDx App and all other sensors will be available without restriction.

About AZ Med Testing
AZ Med Testing is a pioneer in the new and emerging Arizona medicinal cannabis testing market. Through proven scientific methodology, AZ Med will guarantee the quality of medicine dispensed as well as proper dosing. Their medical marijuana testing lab is located in Phoenix, Arizona and their state-of-the-art facility and equipment offer medicinal cannabis testing for dispensaries, caregivers, and patients.

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