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Cannabis Startup’s Security First Initiative Blows Up User Traffic by over 400%

Cannabis Startup’s Security First Initiative Blows Up User Traffic by over 400%

420A3.Com is “the DuckDuckGo” of Cannabis Search Engines, no one else comes close.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January  07, 2020


Snohomish, WA  01/07/2019 – 420A3.Com celebrates it’s 1st year online by announcing a 400% increase in website users in the last 6 months alone!

This astounding growth is due to our industry leading Security First Initiative. SFI allows our business users and online clients to be secure in their anonymity while using our website.

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to secure our data; We also hold a rating of 9.3/10 on PrivacyPolicy.Org (Google is 4.8/10) as well as a pending A rating with ToSDr.Org.
SFI means we just don’t track what you do, period. Nothing is tied to your user account. We don’t track that “Smokey McPot” searched for “Greenway Marijuana” or “Find dispensaries near me”.

SFI takes any information stored in our database that is deemed sensitive in nature, passwords, email address, etc. and encrypts it.

With SFI we have only in-house advertising, meaning we do not allow any 3rd party Ads with tracking software onto our servers. While we’re celebrating our 1st anniversary we’re giving away a FREE ad campaign for any businesses that join or claim their listing out of 14,000+ locations.

Bookmark and watch us grow! We have exiting things coming this year like the 420 Comments Network©, The Cannabis Retriever for Mobile©, and thousands of new business listings!

420A3 is a dedicated legal Cannabis Business Search Engine. It’s all we do. Billions of user data accounts were breached in 2019 worldwide. If you value your privacy and want to search one of the internet’s largest database of cannabis resources, 420A3.Com should be your preferred destination on the web.


For more information, press only:
Contact: Dan Thompson
1-833-236-7658 x700

For more information on Product:


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