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Cannabis Startup Kandy Girl Becomes The First Cannabis Company To Advertise In The Metaverse

Cannabis Startup Kandy Girl Becomes The First Cannabis Company To Advertise In The Metaverse

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, December 13, 2021 –  Kandy Girl is the first company in cannabis history to advertise their THC products in the metaverse. The company was in negotiations to advertise on over 100 locations in NFTPlazas but NFTPlazas rescinded their offer to the cannabis startup.

Kandy Girl decided the decision wasn’t going to let that stop them. The company acquired 1 parcel in the Decentraland metaverse for 3850 MANA. At the time of purchase the crypto currency was valued at $13,282.50

Kandy Girl has also purchased a half dozen NFT on the Open Sea platform called Buzzed Bears which it currently displays on their land. Which can be located in Decentraland at -55, -129

Currently, players in the game can walk on to Kandy Girls plot, visit their website, or their Instagram as well as shop their NFT’s

Kandy Girl plans to build a full blow dispensary mixed with an art gallery where valuable NFT’s are stored until they are sold.

Kandy Girl has become overnight success in the cannabis industry, after earlier this month releasing their Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC gummies which are currently legal to ship to all 50 states federally, while a state restriction is in place in Washington.

The legalities of Kandy Girl shipping their THC gummies are a technicality, due to a loophole in the 2018 farm bill. Due to the weight of their gummies 4000mg they can still contain 10mg of THC in them and keep them below the percentage of allowed THC 0.3%. This allows the company to classify the product as hemp even though it contains a standard dose of THC.

Kandy Girl plans on creating an NFT set of it’s own in the future but no words on the release date from the company.

You can visit Kandy Girls website by clicking here or view their land in Decentraland metaverse by clicking here.

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