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Within the cannabis realm, innovative startup “TrichomëGen” causing a real “buzz”

Within the cannabis realm, innovative startup “TrichomëGen” causing a real “buzz”


Contact – Dale Boice / Executive Spokesperson
Phone – 509-619-5217
Email –
Website –

Las Vegas, NV (July 8, 2020) –  Soil additive conglomerate “TrichomëGen” officially entered the cannabis growers’ marketplace today. Boasting extraordinary plant yields containing intensified flavonoids and cannabinoid profiles, as well as elevated THC levels with broadened cannabinoid spectrums, the wholly organic technology claims to exhibit outcomes never before seen by veteran urban, and commercial cannabis growers alike.

Company spokesperson Dale Boice stated, “Our aim is to help the growing community produce the next generation of trichomes that reveal amplified medicinal, and therapeutic values of the cannabis plant through organic pathways. We are committed to helping all growers discover health and medical pharmacological profiles to ultimately achieve natural health and wellness for everyone.”

TrichomëGen™ (pronounced; try-kōme-uh-gĕn) is producing uncommon results and has successfully unmasked the genetic transformation of cannabis. Boice explained how their unique creation directly influences trichomes and why this value is of such great importance to their cause; “Our exclusive technology influences the DNA of the plant which in turn, influences the trichome expressions ultimately produced by the plant.  While our product is only beginning to reveal the endless mysteries held within this remarkable plant, we believe genetic algorithms will be discovered that will unlock the obscurities of countless medicines which heal sufferers through natural organic means, rather than continued use of synthesized chemicals that typically do not progress a person to complete healing. It’s a new day, and we have the new way of making it a tangible reality.”

Independent testimonials published on the website “” claim more than 200% plant yield increase with one particular grower claiming new leaf appearances overnight.  Another testament reports shorter growth cycles and substantial increase of THC potency. “We have yet to witness every amazing thing our technology reveals within every individual cannabis strain it is applied to,” said Boice. “But we absolutely know our technology transforms cannabis plant genetics and accomplished expert growers are seeing results they never imagined possible.”

TrichomëGen believes the future of all medicine is linked directly to the cannabis plant based upon the genetic profile capable of being expressed. More importantly, the spectrum of trichome produced from the plant’s genetic disposition. “There is still so much more to understand but one thing we have learned is that it all comes down to the Trichome,” Boice commented. “Scientists have now confirmed that trichomes reveal amplified medicinal and therapeutic value of the cannabis plant. This means trichomes will remain the future of discovering and unveiling the mysteries harnessed by the power of cannabis, and that’s what we do.”

The company’s fundamental commitment is to the science of medicine. “We are extremely honored to be helping the industry move this natural health crusade to a cutting edge of discovery” Boice affirmed. “There are still countless unknowns to unveil but with time and persistent dedication, we believe our unmatched technology will provide the keys for researchers to successfully unlock the doors of healing for all.”

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