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CAFE – Dispensary in Toronto Moves Domains to IAMCAFE.ORG

CAFE – Dispensary in Toronto Moves Domains to IAMCAFE.ORG

Toronto, ON – March 21, 2022

Dear CAFE friends and supporters,

The time for change has come, and we are excited to formally announce our transition to a new domain name IAMCAFE.ORG. We believe this shift represents our evolution within the cannabis space, from our earliest days as pioneers in this rapidly changing industry. Over the years, the cannabis industry has transformed dramatically, and the increased interest and acceptance from the public has led to a burst of growth in marijuana-related products, retail operations and dispensaries. We are proud to continue holding strong as Toronto’s most loved legacy cannabis brand, and as an organization that continually promotes the positive, growth-oriented spirit of the cannabis industry.

In the last five years, CAFE has stood up and spoken up for cannabis consumers. We have advocated tirelessly on behalf of the people that rely on us and our products for healing, physical and mental well-being, and for management of ongoing health conditions. We have worked with provincial and municipal regulators to help influence the changes you have asked for. Today, many cannabis operations have adopted practices such as the use of our child-safety bags, packaging and patron scanners within the regulated industry. These longtime CAFE practices serve to reinforce our views around consumer safety.

From the moment a consumer steps into a CAFE store, their experience is informed by our commitment to responsible use of cannabis, and every safety measure available to us. Our use of patron scanners ensures that the person in front of us is over 19 years old and using appropriate identification. Once the check-in process is complete, the consumer is directed into our saleroom, where an experienced budtender works with them to understand their needs and help them select products that best fit. Many of our products feature child-proof packaging, specifically designed to keep cannabis and other items out of access by young children. We encourage all consumers to keep cannabis and any related paraphernalia out of sight and reach of children, and to always keep safety and responsibility in mind at all times.

We care not only about our patrons, but our community at large. Through the years, CAFE has diligently supported the efforts of local organizations focused on bettering the community by providing support to those most marginalized members. On a regular basis, CAFE works directly with local food banks, shelters and other community partners to raise funds, access critical donations and increase awareness of important social issues. CAFE staff eagerly volunteer their time in managing food and toy drives, community clean-up initiatives and participating in collective fundraising efforts such as walkathons and other organized activities.

Each year, CAFE also supports the efforts of Tree Canada, by donating directly towards the planting of young trees in urban neighborhoods, and by working to increase awareness around sustainability and the importance of preserving our environment. We firmly believe that if we wish to see change in the world, we must be the drivers – and it is our collective responsibility to work harmoniously with others in order to achieve better for ourselves and future generations to come.

At CAFE- Dispensary Toronto we are proud to be known not only as a well-respected heritage brand, but also as trendsetters in the areas of responsible use, education, and child safety. We are grounded in our community, and a leader in helping shape positive change both within and outside the scope of cannabis. In light of this standing, we have chosen to move our online presence over to, as we feel it appropriately represents our public profile, and our strength as an organization. We thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to every opportunity to serve you going forward.


CAFE is a lifestyle brand that values the power of education and community to cultivate meaningful, shared experiences that inspire and enhance your life. Cafe offers same day weed delivery as well as convenient Marijuana Dispensary access in Toronto.



Wesley Murray

CAFE Bloor
932 Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON
M6H 1L4

CAFE Fort York
66 Fort York Blvd.
Toronto, ON
M5S 4A6

CAFE Harbord
104 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON
M5S 1G6

CAFE St. Clair
1321 St. Clair Ave. W
Toronto, ON
M6E 1C2

Mon-Fri: 9am-11pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-11pm


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