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Botanical Stores Introduces White Label Herbal Supplements Blended with High Potency Hemp Gummies

Botanical Stores Introduces White Label Herbal Supplements Blended with High Potency Hemp Gummies

(Ben Lomond, CA – November 1st, 2023) – Botanical Stores, a pioneering name in the herbal supplement industry, is thrilled to announce its latest offering: white label herbal supplements infused with high potency hemp gummies. This revolutionary product line is designed for businesses looking to brand their store or distribution outlet with a unique and potent product.
Founder Kirk Meyer, reflecting on the journey of Botanical Stores, remarked, “It was inevitable that our food scientist would start to blend CBD/hemp with our herbal supplements once it was federally legalized. These blends are taking the world by storm, receiving an overwhelming response from the public and helping entrepreneurs achieve success.”

The new product line is not just about business; it’s about providing solutions. These herbal supplements, blended with hemp, include potent ingredients like lions mane, turmeric, ginger, passion flower, Ashwagandha, lavender, white willow, and more. Each product is designed to address specific concerns such as anxiety, sleep, and pain. Moreover, every product undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure its quality and efficacy.

Historically, hemp has been a trusted solution for pain relief and various other ailments. Its use dates back to as early as 7000 BC by civilizations like the Egyptians, Asians, and Europeans. However, its potential was stifled in America when it was outlawed in 1937. With its recent federal legalization, Botanical Stores saw an opportunity to reintroduce this powerful ingredient to the modern world, blending it seamlessly with other potent herbs.

The target audience for these white label products is vast, encompassing dispensaries, smoke shop distributors, health and wellness centers, physical therapy clinics, subscription boxes, drug stores, and platforms like Weedmaps and Leafly. With the cannabis industry booming, Botanical Stores aims to provide businesses with a product that not only offers huge margins but also resonates with the needs and preferences of today’s consumers.

For a detailed look at the products and their specifications, interested businesses and distributors can visit

About Botanical Stores
Botanical Stores stands at the forefront of herbal innovation. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of nature and its healing properties, the company has consistently introduced products that resonate with the needs of modern consumers while drawing inspiration from ancient herbal remedies. Their latest white label herbal supplements blended with high potency hemp gummies are a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and the well-being of their customers.

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