Cart - $0.00 blindsides the hemp industry with 2 stunning new virtual storefronts for PREMIUM CBD PRODUCTS and HAND BLOWN GLASS PIPES blindsides the hemp industry with 2 stunning new virtual storefronts for PREMIUM CBD PRODUCTS and HAND BLOWN GLASS PIPES

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Seattle WA, April is Seattle owned and currently operates 2 virtual storefronts, and, covering the gamut of HEMP and CANNABIS CBD wellness products, Hand Blown Glass Pipes and Dab Rigs, vaporizers with a growing community coming together in this MODERN CANNABIS CULTURE. Products have been curated by founder/operator, Canadian turned Yankee, Bryce McKamey.


“We love the planet, our fellow humans, the animals and life in general. We are also obsessed with premium cannabis and hemp CBD products for relaxation and relief”.

Bryce goes on to say “We aim to provide a memorable and educational experience when you shop our online store by offering premium quality products with outstanding customer service and a resource for the ever growing landscape of research and data about cannabinoids. We curate our products with a primary emphasis on trustworthy and effective ingredients. “Our partner hemp farms grow organically. All products are lab tested for pesticides, solvents and microbes and test under 0.3% to Zero THC.” is currently shipping throughout the USA using First Class Priority Mail. ships international to most countries.

“We’ve been studying CBD for years, testing dozens of products as well as visiting farms, consulting with processors, extraction companies, testing labs, and managing supply chains, design and packaging.” Says Mr. McKamey.

“We’ve quickly managed to build up a reputable establishment online. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, offering our customers the best CBD brands available.”

Modern life can be pretty hard on our bodies with all the stimulation of mobile phones, laptops, the internet, TVs, traffic and loud people. Not to mention injuries and this crazy pandemic we’ve been experiencing. In a sad attempt for comfort, alcohol and cigarettes have destroyed so many lives. Meanwhile, cannabis and hemp have been growing away in collectives, providing an eclectic worldwide community with a plant based, safe alternative.

For press, editorial, product questions or reviews regarding either of Bhango’s websites, please contact Mr. McKamey direct at

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