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Bacco Farms Cannabis Dispensary Hosts Annual Highway Cleanup

Bacco Farms Cannabis Dispensary Hosts Annual Highway Cleanup


Flint, Michigan – September 21 2022 – Bacco Farms is proud to host their 3rd Annual Highway Cleanup at the 6200 North Dort Highway location. The female-run, family-centric recreational cannabis dispensary is known for its marijuana education initiatives, continued community support, and exceptional weed products and pricing. The highway clean up will take place at Bacco Farms on September 24th, from 11 am to 2pm.

A Flint-First Community Event

Bacco Farms provides high-quality cannabis to Flint residents in a safe, educational, and friendly atmosphere. Bacco Farms is well-known in the Flint cannabis community today. They contribute to the city by employing locals, providing community outreach initiatives, and organizing events to raise awareness of the  medicinal benefits cannabis can provide.

Giving back to Flint is always at the forefront of Bacco Farms’ mind. Their aim is for their community and customers to experience a clean, warm and welcoming environment. To do so, Bacco Farms is hosting a clean-up event for the North Dort highway.

Regina Momgaudas from Bacco Farms says: “We are passionate about our community services initiatives because it gives the community a chance to come together and it allows Bacco Farms an opportunity to educate our consumers by providing them with educational materials from local vendors in the cannabis industry. It also allows Bacco Farms to connect with our Flint community and be able to answer any cannabis-related questions on the spot!”

Bacco Farms is a locally owned cannabis dispensary with a community-first mentality. Volunteers at the cleanup will not only get to see Bacco Farms newly remodeled dispensary, but they will also receive a goody bag and provided lunch.

About Bacco Farms

Bacco Farms is a recreational marijuana store in Flint, Michigan, operated and owned by Michigan natives. The team at Bacco Farms has a strong understanding of how marijuana can improve people’s lives and is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products and customer service. They also believe in educating their customers to support more  informed decisions about cannabis use.

In business since 2019, Bacco Farms is proud to be vertically integrated. This means they are involved in every part of the cannabis process, from seed to sale. Bacco Farms has always had a mission: educate the community and provide the best weed product possible at fair pricing.

“Custom curated cannabis, unmatched customer service and giving back to the community of Flint is what Bacco Farms is all about,” says Phoebe Momgaudas, Bacco Farms General Manager. 

For more information on Bacco Farms’ 3rd Annual Highway Cleanup, Phoebe with Bacco Farms is reachable either by phone 810-877-6538 or via email at

Phoebe Momgaudas
PHONE: 810-877-6538


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