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Bacco Farms Cannabis Dispensary Announces 3rd Anniversary Block Party

Bacco Farms Cannabis Dispensary Announces 3rd Anniversary Block Party

Flint, Michigan – June 28, 2022 – Bacco Farms is proud to announce the 3rd Anniversary Block Party at their 6200 North Dort Highway location. The family-owned, female-run recreational marijuana dispensary, is known for providing cannabis education and offering exceptional, reasonably priced products. Locals can visit Bacco Farms on July 1st, from 12 pm to 6 pm, for guest appearances, cannabis vendors, product giveaways, along with an assortment of food trucks.

A Flint-First Community Event

Bacco Farms helps the residents of Flint access premium cannabis products in a safe, educational, and welcoming environment. Today, Bacco Farms is a staple in the local cannabis community. They give back to the city by hiring within Flint, community outreach projects, and hosting events to raise awareness of the healing properties of cannabis.

The block party is an opportunity for Bacco Farms to give back to the public, interact with customers face-to-face, and express their gratitude for Flint’s cannabis community.

Gage Green Group & Prima Clones Among Block Party Attendees

One of the biggest names in Michigan cannabis seed breeders, Gage Green Group Genetics Seed Bank, will be in attendance for the Block Party celebration. A genetics seed bank with a mission to provide boutique-grade cannabis seeds, they are a leader in natural farming, healing philosophy, engaging consciousness, and engaging human potency through meditation and herbs.

Prima Clones, one of Michigan’s leaders in high-performance genetics, selective cannabis breeding, and research and development, will also be in attendance. The nursery, which provides a service-oriented approach to cannabis cultivation, will be taking clone orders from cultivators looking for high-quality genetics.

Visitors interested in learning more will have the opportunity to speak with representatives from Gage Green Group and Prima Clones. There will be several charity events throughout the day hosted by the groups Bacco Farms, Gage Green Group, and Prima Clones.

Detroit’s Hottest Hip Hop Artist to Make Appearance

This year’s Bacco Farms block party features a much-anticipated “meet and greet” with one of the most popular hip hop icons in Detroit. The celebrity, whose identity is currently a surprise, is a vocal cannabis advocate and a pivotal member of the area’s next generation of artists. More details will be released as they are available.

Food & Cannabis Vendors

Bacco Farm’s 3rd Anniversary Block Party will also host an assortment of cannabis and food vendors. Guests will have a plethora of options from 25 of Michigan’s favorite cannabis vendors that supply Bacco Farms with cannabis products. Visitors will be provided with education, swag, and great discounts on cannabis products. Food trucks will also be on site to provide a delectable assortment of eateries.

About Bacco Farms

Bacco Farms is a locally owned and operated recreational marijuana dispensary near Flint, Michigan. Founded by those who have a deep understanding of the power of recreational cannabis, Bacco Farms strives to be a safe and reliable resource for top-tier quality marijuana and marijuana products as well as exceptional customer service and cannabis education.

For more information on Bacco Farms’ 3rd Anniversary Block Party, Phoebe with Bacco Farms is reachable either through phone 810-877-6538 or via email at


Phoebe Momgaudas


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