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Bacco Farms Announces 420 Holiday Community Event in Flint, Michigan

Bacco Farms Announces 420 Holiday Community Event in Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan, April 12, 2023Bacco Farms is excited to announce their 420 event celebrating the industry-wide holiday. April 20th is acknowledged annually as a cannabis-forward celebration surrounding marijuana education.  Flint, Michigan dispensary aims to bring the community together with the shared enjoyment of music, food, weed-related products from various vendors and guest appearances at their local cannabis store. In celebration, Bacco Farms will be hosting their local event on April 20th starting at 10 am EST at 6200 N Dort Hwy, Flint, MI 48505.

Bacco Farms is a  family-focused, female-run recreational cannabis dispensary renowned for its outstanding weed selection and prices, ongoing community support, and marijuana education activities.

“To better support the local women here in Flint, Michigan, our team has started an additional initiative to celebrate our favorite holiday by hosting a feminine hygiene product drive. For those who shop in our store and bring in feminine hygiene products, they will be entered into a drawing where the winner will be announced on 4/20 at our store. We want the entire community to come together to celebrate the holiday and support the women in the community.” said Regina Momgudas, Owner of Bacco Farms Weed Dispensary. Bacco Farms will be donating all feminine hygiene products to the Greater Holy Temple of Flint in honor of Women’s Month for March.

Giving back to the community is important to Bacco, who has made it their mission to adopt a Flint First mentality. As a woman-run, non-corporate organization, they have said they “can see different needs in the community” that they feel is their responsibility to support.

The 420 Holiday Community Event  will involve a celebrity appearance by Michigan’s own musician Krispy Life Kidd. For those in attendance who are there to see a local artist, there will be a variety of vendors and plenty of  food and cannabis-related giveaways; the first fifty guests will receive Bacco Farms-themed goodie bags as a personal thank-you from the dispensary.

Bacco Farms is a recreational marijuana dispensary owned and operated by Michiganders in Flint, Michigan. The staff at Bacco Farms is committed to providing high-quality and personalized care, with a focus on connecting the local community for educational discussions about the benefits of marijuana and how it has enhanced people’s lives.

Here at Bacco Farms, we hold a belief that information is power, and the more education our community members have on the benefits of cannabis, it can help them to make better informed decisions surrounding the plant that can benefit their lives. This 4/20 event is to celebrate just that,” said Momgaugas.

About: Bacco Farms, is a locally owned, women-operated organization which has been in business since 2019. Their primary goal is to inform the public on the benefits of cannabis as well as offer the best quality cannabis products, including a wide variety of hand selected flower, cannabis extracts, infused topicals, weed cartridges and edible. They want to help further destigmatize the plant so customers feel confident throughout their visit.

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Phoebe Momgaudas


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