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Avid Growing Systems’ Modular Cultivation Model  Hits Home in California

Avid Growing Systems’ Modular Cultivation Model Hits Home in California

LOS ANGELES, CA. / MJBizwire / April 4, 2016 /  When Visionaire, one of Southern California’s elite cannabis cultivators, was looking for a commercial cultivation model that would not only meet but exceed the stringent regulations regarding compliance and product testing, they turned to Avid Growing Systems.  Developed in accordance with exacting Canadian requirements, Avid’s turnkey solution met their criteria—and then some.

To create a competitive advantage over existing business models, Avid Growing Systems capitalizes on the third dimension: stacking their modular grow chambers 2 to 3 units high.  “Given the high price of leased space in this industry, the ability to stack the units was a big factor in our decision-making process,” says Visionaire’s President Young Kim, “We are happy to be moving forward in the next few months with Avid.”

Combining the skills of experienced growers and a dedicated engineering team of HVAC, irrigation, and computer specialists, Avid has created a fully automated and controlled growing solution.  Their patented modular design requires only an up-to-code building, and access to water and power.

Continuing their expansion into the Southern California market, Avid has received an overwhelming response from area growers primarily due to their systematic reduction of operational costs, strict forward-looking compliance standards, laboratory-like cleanliness, and the ability to generate more product with the same footprint.  The vocal interest from pre-ICO dispensaries looking for a proven model of operational efficiency has led the company to focus its strategic expansion efforts on the Los Angeles market.

With 24/7 live support, sophisticated sensor and data analysis technology, and a projected 6 harvests per year, Avid Growing Systems is positioning itself as the business model of choice for companies looking to gain a marked advantage over more traditional producers.

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About Avid Growing Systems

United under the motto “cultivation through innovation”, Niagara Falls-based Avid Growing Systems has set out to establish itself as the benchmark for regulatory compliance, product quality and consistency, and operational efficiency.  Using their specially-designed aeroponics system and modular growth chambers, they tout 60-day grow cycles for 6 harvests per year and increased production per square foot enabled by more effective utilization of vertical space.  Around-the-clock live support, remote monitoring and control, and advanced sensor data technology give Avid’s clients a true 360-degree solution.

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