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Air-ReNu Announces Electroculture Proven to Enhance Growth of Marijuana Plants

Air-ReNu Announces Electroculture Proven to Enhance Growth of Marijuana Plants


Air-ReNu and recently revealed the Scientifically Proven Technology behind enhancing the growth of marijuana plants. This knowledge can help nearly anyone improve their indoor horticulture results.

January 22, 2018 – Experts and insiders with experience agree, air quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of indoor horticulture. Even growers with adequate ventilation systems may be negatively affected by the air quality in their grow room. This has led to many new to the art having horticulture headaches they could have voided. Leading source of cutting edge products to help in this area Air-ReNu recently shared some of their knowledge of the subject.

“Many pathogenic molds and fungi that can infect an indoor grow room are transmitted through the air,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “A few examples of destructive fungi spread through the air are powdery mildew, black spot, and botrytis. Since the spores of these fungi are invisible to the naked eye, they are often overlooked by new indoor horticulturists. We are very happy to offer a sound, proven solution to this and other common indoor horticulture problems.”

Besides molds and fungi, pest insects are also a great concern, Air-ReNu pointed out. The dreaded spider mite, arguably the most destructive pest insect for indoor horticulturists, creates a small strand of webbing that acts much like a parachute, allowing it to relocate using the wind. Unsuspecting gardeners inadvertently introduce these monstrous pest insects into their grow rooms through their ventilation systems. Again, prevention is the best defense against spider mites and other pest insects that can be introduced through the fresh air intake of a ventilation system.

The U.S. Departure of Agriculture findings agree. A recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% fewer bacteria in the air (many pollutants reside on floating dust particles).

According to the company, through Nano ionic technology, far infrared rays, and a special manufacturing process, a natural non-manufactured ionic growth additive has been developed to help facilitate the growth of medical marijuana plants. The additive is a blend of over 33 all-natural rare-earth minerals containing pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties.

The mineral components that make up an ionic growth additive have made it possible for ions to be produced in concentrations that would be beneficial for both air purification and plant growth.

The natural flow of air in a room is the driving force for the buildup of anions useful for both the growth of plants and the purification of the indoor atmosphere. Maximizing the benefits of ions for the growth of plants is known as electroculture.

The first recorded experiment on electroculture dating as far back as 1745; agricultural experts agree that plants fair better when exposed to an abundant supply of ions.

Electroculture considers that plants are sensitive to magnetism and electricity. Therefore, the right use of negative ions is maximized to produce a result that would boost the growth of plants.

Medical marijuana growers can now maximize the benefits of ionic paint additive technology towards the production of plants that have improved growth and a cleaner atmosphere.

The importance of the ions produced through ionic growth additive technology can also be observed in the enhanced level of photosynthesis that occurs.

The spokesperson from Air-ReNu stressed, “Now is the best time for medical marijuana growers to lead the charge in applying ion technology for the growth of plants. The ionic paint additive technology is not only effective for medical marijuana growers but can also benefit those who intend to produce yields every year without applying fertilizer.”

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