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$85,000 Refunded to Kind Therapeutics After GreenLight’s Utility Bill Audit

$85,000 Refunded to Kind Therapeutics After GreenLight’s Utility Bill Audit

Company helps recoup past overcharges and secure future savings

LAKEWOOD, N.J. & Hagerstown, M.D. —August 19, 2021—
GreenLight, LLC, an energy conservation company providing specialized Utility Bill Audit services to the cannabis industry, announced today that it secured more than $85,000 in utility refunds for Maryland’s Kind Therapeutics USA. The reimbursements stemmed from oversights regarding obscure local laws and how they are applied to utility billing structures & classifications.

Licensed in 2017 and based in Hagerstown, Kind Therapeutics USA is a leading Maryland cannabis wholesale cultivator employing more than 80 people, and is GreenLight’s first cannabis client in Maryland. The indoor cultivation site totals approximately 180,000 square feet, including 50,000 square feet of canopy, and a laboratory. All products are non-GMO, pesticide free and lab-tested for consistency and quality.

“Working with GreenLight to identify and secure these refunds was a smooth process. They worked remotely without interruption to our normal business operations and delivered exceptional results,” said Dr. Susan Zimmerman, CEO at Kind Therapeutics. “Offering their utility bill auditing service on a contingency basis made it an easy decision to pursue this opportunity.”

Kind Therapeutics is one of three Maryland cannabis cultivators that GreenLight currently services. Recently GreenLight announced securing reimbursements for their 50th cannabis client across the country. Isaac Liebes, Director of Cannabis Consulting at GreenLight, says their staff works directly with any utility company or municipal utility provider, to secure historical billing data so they can complete a thorough audit without adding to their client’s workload.

“This exciting result is a testament to Kind Therapeutics’ being conscious operators and proactively seeking opportunities to reduce unnecessary expenses without negatively impacting their products,” added Isaac. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to help the cannabis industry with this highly specialized niche service.”

About Kind Therapeutics USA
Kind Therapeutics is committed to providing safe, dignified, and affordable wholesale access to medical cannabis for dispensaries across the state of Maryland. Our premium-quality cannabis products feature genetically-pure, validated strains, grown indoors and held to the highest standards. We prioritize the plant’s integrity at every turn, fine tuning our methods for the optimization and preservation of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that contribute to a cannabis plant’s full potential. Products are for use by certified medical patients only.

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About GreenLight Energy Conservation
GreenLight specializes in the assessment, strategy, comprehensive installation and facilitation of rebates and incentives related to energy efficiency. As a vertically integrated sustainability firm, GreenLight is dedicated to helping companies realize the potential cash reserves hidden in their office buildings, multifamily housing, hotels, healthcare facilities and outdoor areas by providing a full range of energy efficiency services.

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Media Contact:
Isaac Liebes, Director of Cannabis Consulting
C: 732-575-2394
O: 732- 312- 5550 X 115


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