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New 420 MD Head Doctor Announces Immediate, Temporary Closure of All 420 MD Clinics

New 420 MD Head Doctor Announces Immediate, Temporary Closure of All 420 MD Clinics

An early leader in providing medical cannabis evaluations in Northern California, 420 MD clinics are now under the direct management of a new physician. Dr. Laurence Badgley is a well respected authority on the endocannabinoid system, and the use of medical cannabis in treating chronic conditions. In order to rebuild and reboot the practice, Dr. Badgley has ordered all three locations closed through August to improve the standard of patient care.

A new 420 MD clinic is on the way, but first, news about the current clinics. The physicians that own and operate 420 MD are relocating clinics in Berkeley, Oakland, and Sacramento in order to improve service, access, and safety for our patients and staff. All three 420 MD clinics: at 2558 Telegraph in Berkeley, 2633 Telegraph in Oakland, and the Sacramento clinic on Watt Ave., are closed effective July 12th, 2017.

Our brand new 420 MD clinic will be opening in six weeks in a new medical office complex situated with other doctor offices, and many health and wellness professionals. Updated facilities, equipment, and new staff to help our patients, conveniently located between the now closed storefront clinics in Berkeley and Oakland.  And a new Sacramento clinic coming soon.
Watch our website for information on when the new location will be taking appointments for medical cannabis evaluations.

To safeguard your safety and privacy, while 420 MD is closed through July and into August, note that any California doctor or cannabis clinic claiming to be affiliated with “420 MD” is not working with us, and you should walk away and report them to the State Medical Board. No clinic has legal access to your “420 MD” records nor to examine patients using our name. Patients Beware!

The medical practice has brought on Dr. Laurence E. Badgley, M.D. to help manage the new 420 MD clinic and improve the standard of care for our patients. A graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Badgley is an internationally recognized expert in his field, with 40 years experience in the study and practice of natural therapies such as cannabis to treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

The reason for the move is to provide patients with a new and improved setting, with updated facilities to better serve and care. But also, we are sad to warn you that there are impostor “420 MD” clinics operating in Northern California. One was busted by authorities and charged with organized crime and practicing medicine without a license. Another person listed on the former 420MD website as “Chief Doctor”,  Isaac Bash of Pacific Palisades Medical Services, Inc., is not a doctor affiliated with our practice, and is not approved by the State of California Medical Board to be practicing medicine as “420 MD”.

If you experience a medical emergency during this time, please call 911 and visit a local hospital.  If you have an urgent health matter, call your General Practitioner or see your regular doctor. For cannabis evaluation and recommendations in person during the weeks we are relocating, please reach out to Dr. Frank Lucido of Berkeley, a well respected physician with years of cannabis experience in his family practice. Or find a licensed doctor on the CA NORML site. Watch for updates on how patients can renew via telemedicine during the setup of the new location.

Our doctors and staff are now reaching out to patients and the community to inform them of this transition.  Public notices and online announcements are part of the outreach, as well as direct notification to patients via email and post where possible. Thank you for bearing with us as we improve, and we hope to see you fit and well in August.,

About The Company:

The medical clinics of 420 MD are run and staffed by California Medical board licensed physicians who are experienced with evaluating and treating chronic conditions with cannabinoidsunder Prop 215. Flagship office in Berkeley, with additional clinics in Oakland and Sacramento. CA License #543457,

Media Contact:

Dr Laurence Badgley, MD

420 MD Medical Cannabis Recommendations
2718 Telegraph Ave. 100
Berkeley, CA 94705

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