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3rd Annual CannAwards Nominations Open, Honoring & Celebrating Innovation & Leadership in Cannabis

3rd Annual CannAwards Nominations Open, Honoring & Celebrating Innovation & Leadership in Cannabis

Advisory Board features global industry luminaries.

New York, NY. /  MJBizwire / July 18, 2016 —  Cannabis Economy has opened nominations for the 3rd Annual CannAwards at The CannAward presented to each winner is an actual 3 foot, 3 pound sledgehammer with the CannAwards logo emblazoned on the handle.

“At such an critical time in the development of this industry; it’s important to recognize the people and company’s helping the industry achieve a new level,” said Jesce Horton, Chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association and Oregon State Cannabis Task Force Appointee.

One of last year’s winners Tripp Keber, CEO, Dixie Elixirs noted, “This award means a lot. To be nominated by my contemporaries, voted by my peers and receive industry recognition is humbling.”

“At this moment in time, cannabis business leaders are showcasing a stunning amount of innovation and leadership in creating a multi-billion dollar industry from scratch that encompasses agriculture, manufacturing, medicine and retail. These leaders are doing all of this in the face of their product being federally illegal,” says Seth Adler, Producer, CannAwards.

Based on the industry’s ever-changing landscape, CannAwards have updated regions and categories and for the first time, CannAwards has added a video platform. Video submissions should be no more than :60 seconds showcasing why the nominee should win.  Text submissions remain an option.

The CannAwards Advisory Board has also been updated.  Three-time Advisory Board member Bob Eschino, CEO, Medically Correct & Incredibles, noted, “it’s an honor to be on the CannAwards Advisory Board. Year after year I see nominations for the most influential people in the industry. The winners truly are amazing people doing amazing things in our great industry.”


Any CannAwards Advisory Board member nominated in a category recuses himself or herself in that category in that region.  Julianna Carella, CEO, Auntie Dolores & Treatibles, is just such an executive, “as an Advisory Board member and CannAwards winner, I’m honored to be part of such an exciting initiative which has elevated the industry and highlighted some great people doing great work.  As a CannAwards winner, we display our sledgehammer proudly. The most influential people in the industry are armed with sledgehammers and we’re not afraid to use them.”

The deadline for CannAwards early bird submissions is August 1st, 2016. 

For more information go to or the Cannabis Economy podcast app on iTunes, Google Play, the iTunes Podcast App or the Cannabis Economy Twitter, Instagram and Facebook “canneconomy” feeds.  Former US Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, Author of the Cole Memo’s, which sets the guidance for legal cannabis, is interview 140 on the Cannabis Economy podcast.  Cannabis Economy produces content as a real-time history of legal cannabis.  The first six parts of Family, Business a twelve-part documentary on the Williams Family who own and operate Medicine Man dispensaries in Colorado are on the Cannabis Economy page on YouTube.


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