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Revolutionary THC Remediation Technology Offers to End ‘Bottleneck’ in Global Hemp Industry

Revolutionary THC Remediation Technology Offers to End ‘Bottleneck’ in Global Hemp Industry


Delta 9 Solution


Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 – The global hemp industry is plagued with supply chain issues as it matures into a mainstream industry. Consumers are demanding specialty products that are validated to be THC free. Until recently the process of isolating and removing THC from extracted hemp oil was complicated and required extensive human and capital resources.

US-based Delta 9 Solution has created a turnkey technology enabled process that delivers high quality CBD oil quicker and is helping to revolutionize today’s hemp processing industry.

Delta 9 Solution is bringing a combination of innovative software, hardware technology and equipment to the market that is tailor-made to assist hemp processors in removing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from their extract.

The company’s simpler, but smarter processes enable hemp oil to be produced faster in a safe, professional, and efficient manner.

The Delta 9 solution means that hemp processors do not have to invest $200,000+ to remediate a mere 45 liters per month. Ultimately, this breakthrough ensures scalability, shorter lead times, fewer delays and limits the risk of losing customers.

Their equipment specs mean a low power requirement, reliable ultra high output, a small footprint to work from, and they do not require the use of hazardous chemicals. Entry-level employees can operate the solution without the need for PhD level input.

The company offers to install equipment to extraction facilities within weeks, not months, and the technology can be configured to remediate up to 700 liters per month per setup.

The proprietary process is customized to clients’ needs. The Company assesses a client’s set-up, recommends a solution and handholds the client until the extract is pouring out THC free.

“We have invented a highly valuable solution for hemp processors because we are processors. We’ve been there, we know their frustrations, and we have been at the mercy of long lead times, equipment not working as advertised, and unknown fixes. We’re proud to be offering a simple, fast and effective solution to our clients and the industry as a whole.” commented Steve, VP of Sales.

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