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Mile HIGH Cleaner, The Healthy Bong Cleaner For Your Healthy Cannabis Lifestyle, Save 20%!

Mile HIGH Cleaner, The Healthy Bong Cleaner For Your Healthy Cannabis Lifestyle, Save 20%!

A decent bong, $100.00
An Ounce of delicious smoke, $200.00

That first hit from a clean piece…PRICELESS!

Daily cleaning is the future of cannabis. After all, you don’t eat from yesterdays rinsed dishes. This bong was cleaned in less than 2 minutes for about 25 cents of Mile HIGH Cleaner as easily as cleaning your breakfast dishes. The first hit cost more than that!

cleand and dirty bongs (2)

Just 20 drops of Mile HIGH Cleaner can clean a 10” bong. Expect 50 cleanings out of a single bottle using the right tools, making this the most cost effective cleaner, easily beating out isopropyl alcohol.


Daily tokers can now clean in under 2 minutes for sofa change!!!

Organic, natural, odorless, kills germs and bacteria yet so safe you can EAT Mile HIGH Cleaner. Works on any surface; glass, metal, porcelain, laminate, tile, plastic, wood floor, acrylic bong, coffee table, painted walls and even skin or hair.  Works on any cannabis mess from trim scissors to extraction and all smoking in between.

Our Deluxe cleaning kit has everything; enough cleaner to clean a 10” piece 50 times and 5 brushes up to the 16” Double-Ended Bong Brush affectionately known as DEBB, plus the Canna Mag magnetic scrubbing tool for scrubbing the inside of the bong.


All the tools you will need for years of cleaning paired with a
bottle of Natural, edible Mile HIGH Cleaner.

(see video of me eating Bong Cleaner.)

It really works well (see video)

For dabbers, DAB Drops takes 50 or more dabstains from fabric, denim to silk!

20% off code TURNBLACK at
and choose the healthy cleaner for your healthy cannabis lifestyle.

FREE SHIPPING when you purchase $20.
Call 970-414-1717.


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