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The ‘Legalize Marijuana Shirt’ Is A Culmination Of Art & Magick Designed To #FREETHEWEED On A Global Scale

The ‘Legalize Marijuana Shirt’ Is A Culmination Of Art & Magick Designed To #FREETHEWEED On A Global Scale

October 24th – Sydney, Australia – The Marijuana Talisman is “THE Marijuana Legalization Shirt.” Whether you live where cannabis is widely accepted and legal, or if you reside where this magick(al) plant is still demonized, this design provides you with a way to advocate for global re-legalization, showing your support for cannabis.

To view the design and to learn more about the meaning behind this work of art and magick, please visit where you will also find links to purchase a sticker, tshirt, wall clock, or other form of merchandise.

This ‘Legalize Marijuana Shirt’ allows you to create your own perception about the message that it offers. The design features a green cannabis leaf floating slightly above a short solid black line encapsulated and surrounded by 3 alternating octagons as a border to the design. For some this may provoke the image of togetherness, oneness, and serenity with the plant and while others may perceive the design as a symbol of the plant being protected by light.

No matter what your perception, Jaehkoeb Aarisenko, the creator of the Marijuana Talisman design urges you “to connect with the design and bring forth your own meaning to make this design your personal powerhouse, and then feed the magick by wearing the design as often as you can.”

While many would agree that cannabis should never have been criminalized in the first place, it is unfortunate that there are parts of the globe where the bureaucracy is still well and truly at play, however Jaehkoeb (and many just like him) believe that “we the people have the privilege and opportunity to simply acknowledge a state of affairs where the global use of marijuana is legal for any and all reasons… be it medicinal, recreational, or otherwise.”

This design allows you to be part of that conversation as well as the process of enlightening the world to the truths of this magick(al) plant. Spark the conversation and help bring light to the need for re-legalization of cannabis globally with the new Marijuana Talisman design from Jaehkoeb Aarisenko.

Jaehkoeb is a SoberAF graduate that believes in helping humanity reach it’s greatest potential, with drug law reform being a key issue that needs to be addressed if we are to truly thrive as a forward thinking and progressive race of beings. There are so many beneficial uses of cannabis that it is hard to even now how to categorize marijuana… is it a drug? a medicine? a food? or all of the above?

With that being said, let us call forth the Gods of 4:20 to usher in a new wave of consciousness that is above the stigma and taboo of an ignorant and uneducated race, to one of wisdom and empowerment. #FREETHEWEED

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