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DEA uses dogs to find pot uses Maddy, the Cannabis Retriever

DEA uses dogs to find pot uses Maddy, the Cannabis Retriever


Snohomish, WA — 12/3/2019 What if finding legal Cannabis businesses were as easy as asking your dog to “find the toy”?Well…the future is here! At all you need to do is say things like, “Find medical dispensaries near me?” and watch Maddy as she goes to fetch from our database of over 14,000 legal Cannabis businesses!

Warning: Maddy is only to be used for searching. Offering Cannabis or cookies to Maddy is strictly forbidden!

– Maddy is the world’s first Cannabis Retriever© she’s still a puppy, but knows to search by business names, street address, city, zip code, or phrases like “Find dispensaries near me”
– Maddy does not store any information. 420a3 values your privacy. NO tracking cookies allowed in Maddy’s doghouse or in our computers!
– Maddy doesn’t have a cell phone (yet). Currently, she responds only if you are using a desktop or laptop computer. Don’t worry, cell phones and tablets have ways of accessing our database without Maddy’s help.
– Maddy is very polite. She only listens when asked. Unlike other electronic devices that we won’t name (Echo, Siri), we would never allow listening to your microphone unless you ask us to.
– Maddy is house trained and doesn’t bite!

Help us train her!

Maddy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to fetch results. Each time she goes hunting, she learns something new. Maybe she’s not the smartest dog on earth but with time and patience you’ll be amazed at her progress.

420a3 is a dedicated legal Cannabis Business Search Engine. It’s all we do, we do it efficiently and with no user tracking of any kind. If you value your privacy and want to search one of the internet’s largest database of cannabis resources, 420A3.Com should be your preferred destination on the web. Besides, Maddy will be happy to see you.


For more information, press only:
Contact: Dan Thompson
1-833-236-7658 x700

For more information on Product:

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