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Announcing PhenoPen’s New Lab Test Results: Safe CBD Extract and No Vitamin E Acetate

Announcing PhenoPen’s New Lab Test Results: Safe CBD Extract and No Vitamin E Acetate

PhenoPen’s 100% pure hemp extract contains 59.7% CBD but not dangerous chemicals, including Vitamin E Acetate.

Tel Aviv, November 19th 2019 –  With all the controversy in the media these days surrounding lung injuries from vaping, PhenoPen sent samples for immediate and substantial testing at one of the most reputable testing facilities in the US. While already feeling confident before we sent our proprietary hemp extract for in-depth testing, we were nicely surprised when the results came back.

According to recent FDA announcements, most if not all of the reported cased of lung injury from vaping occurred from THC-based vape juices and vaping cartridges. As such, when it comes to the preliminary findings of the FDA, nicotine and CBD-based vaping products have been vindicated, even if final conclusions are yet to be reached. As an extra backup, and to ensure that PhenoPen customers remained confident in the product, we spared no expense and ordered the most comprehensive third-party lab tests that we could commission.

DB Labs found PhenoPen’s pure hemp extract to be contain:

  • At least 59.7% CBD (per 0.5ml)
  • Less that 0.1% THC
  • 77.2% Total Cannabinoids
  • No PG, VG or MCT
  • Zero Pesticides or Plant Growth Regulators
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Vitamin E Acetate

“While we were already confident that our hemp extract was clean and pure, we decided to stop at nothing to ensure that our proprietary vape liquid was safe for our customers,” said Moshe Wasserman, CEO of Mabsutlife who manufacture PhenoPen. “And while we were encouraged to see that our cannabinoid profile was consistent with previous samples, we were more pleased to see no pesticides, heavy metals or vitamin E acetate in our products,” he added.

You can view the full DB Labs results in a clear and concise format in PDF form at this link: DB labs – PhenoPen – Hemp Extract Test Results – 23.10.2019

If you want more information about PhenoPen or the recent lab tests, you can reach out to us by email at:


About Mabsutlife

Mabsutlife is made up of a team of dedicated individuals with decades of combined experience within the cannabis industry between them. With PhenoPen as the flagship product for Mabsutlife, they are involved in hemp-based wellness and therapeutic products, aimed at helping people to feel better and live their lives to the fullest in the safest and most natural way possible. For more information, visit the company website,

Media Contact:

Stuart Carter
Director, Strategic Communications



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